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Jon Dwoskin's Think Big Podcast

In this podcast, Jon Dwoskin, Executive Advisor and Business Coach takes his book, The Think Big Movement, to the next level by interviewing successful business owners, executives and top sales people.

Listen in as Jon and his guests share their Think Big strategies, including best business practices, business advice, and business acumen so you, too, can grow your business big. Very Big!

New Think Big episodes every Tuesday.

Jon Dwoskin Interviews Dylan Tent Sotheby’s Top Agent

Jon Dwoskin Interviews Dylan Tent Sotheby’s Top Agent

Dylan Tent is a disruptor in the residential real estate space, nicknamed the heli realtor, he is changing the way realtors market, prospects and grow their business. *E - explicit language may be used in this podcast. Check back for full transcript. #1 New Release in...

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WARNING: Requires Discipline, Humility and Curiosity: There is one way – and one way only – that you and your business can benefit from my instruction and advice: Hard work. Your hard work. How much your business will grow depends on your passion and your dedication to the concepts I'll be giving you. I can help get you there, but it’s on you to make it happen. I make no promises and offer no guarantees about your success. After all, the only one who can direct your success is you. I promise to give you instruction, advice, guidance, tools, strategies and direction that I know has been hugely effective for me and for others. I’m serious about getting you there, but you have to be serious about getting yourself there and giving it everything you’ve got … times 100. I also won’t give you any advice outside my capacity as a business coach, so be sure to have your own solid team of professional advisors to direct you with your taxes, accounting, physical and mental health, legal matters, insurance, and other critical details. If you are ready to take on the challenge, let’s do this!

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