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Grow your business through feedback

Want to grow your business, but can’t figure out why you are stuck?

Feel disconnected from your business and your people?

Need deeper insight into your company, your clients and your prospects? Then this comprehensive business coaching program can help!

Jon Dwoskin's SPRINT Power Coaching for Salespeople

Jon’s THINK BIG 360 Can:

  • Show you where you stand with your business and people
  • Give you insight and tools to get everyone on the same page
  • Provide an action plan so you can move your business forward with purpose
  • Teach you how to work and communicate effectively with your people and clients so you can get unstuck!

Jon’s THINK BIG 360 is a business coaching program that includes:

  • Phone interviews with a sample – or all — of the people in your company, including your clients, prospects, past clients, COI’s, past employees, third-party vendors, etc. Typically, you get 30- to 45-minute 1:1 conversations with Jon.
  • A full report that includes anonymous feedback from your peers to help identify roadblocks and opportunities for improvement
  • A custom roadmap based on your specific feedback to guide you on how to move forward so you can get unstuck and get yourself and others working at their full potential

Contact Jon to schedule your THINK BIG 360:

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