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“The quickest way to grow the sales of your business is to grow your people.”

Robin S. Sharma

  • Are your salespeople working to their potential?
  • Is your team complacent?
  • Is there anything worse than a salesperson with a weak pipeline?

I love salespeople — they make the world a better place because they help to grow the economy. But too many salespeople don’t take the level of ownership they need to grow a pipeline and build a successful business.

Regardless of the product or service, each salesperson must think like the CEO of their own company and embrace a business mindset for growth.

We’ll dig deep and motivate your salespeople to take action on their promises, building stronger leaders who inspire, influence, and enact effective methods to convert leads into meetings, meetings into proposals and proposals into signed contracts.

You will learn:

  • How to develop a sales strategy to take your business to its next level
  • Proven tools and techniques that result in more sales
  • What you need to accomplish each day to hit your goals
  • How to look at the big picture and plan your day-to-day so you know the concrete steps to growing your business
  • To understand and identify your top 30 ideal clients and how to get – and keep — them as clients for life
  • How to grow your team, delegate and make sure you have the right people in place
  • Why it’s essential to plan, forecast and have high standards for yourself and your team
  • How to embrace a course-correcting outlook
  • And much, much more…


Increased sales. Increased confidence. A business plan for everyone to grow their pipelines.

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What works for you?

We all know that one size doesn’t fit all, so I customize my programs to fit your specific needs.

Workshops can be conducted in a:

  • 90-minute keynote address
  • 2-hour abridged format
  • 4-hour workshop
  • 8-hour/1-day workshop (recommended for larger groups that need more time and attention on each module and interactive discussion)
  • 4-week series (one hour every week or every other week)
  • Weekly/bi-weekly/quarterly and/or one-year custom training programs

All workshops can be done:

  • Live – Bring Jon to your office/company for an in-person session
  • Remotely – Connect via WebEx, Skype or Zoom, perfect for any company with multiple offices around the world


Ready to grow your business big. Very Big!

Contact me directly for details and scheduling:
248.535.7796 or

All interactive experiential workshops/keynotes have been created by Jon Dwoskin with his 30 plus years of experience.

Samples of Jon’s Workshops:

“I just wanted to reach out and follow-up by saying thank you for taking the time to meet with all of us yesterday. I definitely took a lot away from the seminar, and appreciate you helping me with some of my direct situations. Thank you again for taking the time yesterday to break some things down. Sometimes I need to hear things from an outside point of view, and I think I was able to shift perspectives after hearing you speak.”

Tori, Manager and Attendee at Jon’s Workshop

“Thank you for the presentation this afternoon. You gave everyone there great tools and strategies to work on their communication and leadership. I’ve received “thank you” messages from many managers for inviting you to speak to our team.”

Jeri, Regional Director

“Thanks for the training yesterday! I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to stopping and starting some things!”

Lucy, Director

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I grow businesses. Let’s grow yours.

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WARNING: Requires Discipline, Humility and Curiosity: There is one way – and one way only – that you and your business can benefit from my instruction and advice: Hard work. Your hard work. How much your business will grow depends on your passion and your dedication to the concepts I'll be giving you. I can help get you there, but it’s on you to make it happen. I make no promises and offer no guarantees about your success. After all, the only one who can direct your success is you. I promise to give you instruction, advice, guidance, tools, strategies and direction that I know has been hugely effective for me and for others. I’m serious about getting you there, but you have to be serious about getting yourself there and giving it everything you’ve got … times 100. I also won’t give you any advice outside my capacity as a business coach, so be sure to have your own solid team of professional advisors to direct you with your taxes, accounting, physical and mental health, legal matters, insurance, and other critical details. If you are ready to take on the challenge, let’s do this!

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