Annual/Quarterly Offsite with Jon

Reflect, recoup, re-energize, refocus, reset and reTHINK!

An intense day or half day boot camp at the gym makes an offsite day with Jon feel like a walk in the park. Jon works with your leadership team and/or entire office for the ultimate transparency meeting to grow your company, refresh your culture and streamline all communication.  Expect to be stretched to your max: examined, questioned, challenged, and rigorously exercised in mind, spirit and function. Then, expect to be inspired, motivated, redirected, educated and reset for the most explosive shift imaginable!

Together, we will change the way you see your business and the way you run it. We will attack critical business goals with specific, strategic activities that are exactly right for you. These may include:

  • Figure out what is working and what’s not, key initiatives, everyone’s unique ability, what employees should  and should not be doing
  • Build your company’s clear message and define who you are as a firm
  • Set your company’s goals, vision, mission, and values
  • Build your 1, 3, 5+ year business plan with you and your team
  • Get the absolute most from your weekly, monthly or annual meetings, and from your people
  • Gain quality insight into and direction for your C-level business planning meetings that will explode your business
  • Learn what is not being seen or heard, as well as what is being ignored
  • Restructure your company and get the A-bench you have always wanted – and needed – to grow your business
  • Explore new ways to edge out your competition like never before
  • Create your succession plan, so you can grow your business confidently and without worry
  • Achieve a refreshed, renewed, and evolved company culture so it is the lively, energetic, goal-oriented one it needs to be

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“We were stuck, and self-defeating. Jon showed us a path to find success and start building a plan. He is pushing us to accomplish more than ever. ”

Jodie, CMP, CTA, CMM, Director of Operations

“The business planning meeting for our sales team was invaluable!  Truly appreciated.”

Jeff, President

“I really loved your presentation!  Looking forward to working with you, you’re a great motivator!”

Beth, Salesperson

“I am excited to implement some changes into my schedule and routine, thank you for sharing your expertise. I feel tremendously blessed to have met you and learn some great tools.”

Ginger, Salesperson

“When we found out about your crash course business reviews I was a bit skeptical.  What we got was so much more than a business review.  You have helped us dissect all that we have done and find out exactly what we need to be doing to not only meet but exceed all of our goals professionally and personally.  Your ability to get to the core of what we need to work on is remarkable.  My only regret is that we didn’t do this sooner.”

Bryan, President

“Jon recommended an Offsite Day to help grow our company and mentioned that it was analogous to a half-day boot camp.  Jon is very dynamic, driven, and leads with transparency.  He takes you all the way to the end and does not leave any wiggle room.   We had to look hard at what we individually were doing right and not doing right within the company.  He was able to turn every negative into a working positive.  Before our eyes, our goals were creatively interwoven into making a tighter working machine with higher realistic goals.  Every business needs a high-energy Jon Dwoskin.”

Deb, COO

“During our first six months of working together, Jon has provided not only valuable insight, but also acted as an outside board member of my company. His rational, insightful and valuable business advice has helped me think about the future growth of my company and focused my attention on important aspects of my business that were not getting the required attention. Our “on-site” day with my management team was great and allowed my team to articulate important insights about the direction of my company that would have otherwise gone unheard. We had another session scheduled right after the first ended. Most importantly, Jon is a thoughtful person and thinks about the world in a positive manner. He makes you feel that you can accomplish anything and that only small changes in perspective can have big effects for your business and life.”

Matthew, CEO

“As the wife of a business owner looking in, it’s not so easy to get a clear picture of how things are going.  After an intense seven hour session with Jon, we were able to identify goals on a timeline for sales and growth, what needs are being met or missed between departments, and intentional measures to implement more work/life balance for both owners and their families.  Jon was able to facilitate difficult discussions that encouraged growth and discovery in a positive light.  By the end of the day I felt more confident in the time and energy my husband has put into this business. I also found that my concerns about his presence at home and with our kids and his own health had been addressed.   The experience of an outside source identifying where there is room for improvement has way more impact than if it came from a nagging family member.  The Jon Dwoskin Experience was well worth the time and resources invested, as our business begins to realize success.  Thank you Jon for helping map a plan that meets everyone’s needs!

Thank you so much!!”

Lisa, wife of CEO

“Jon, Today’s full day offsite was a great opportunity to narrow our focus and get our entire Business family on the same page.  Your guidance has meant so much to us and we know that you have been a big part of our success.  Thank you for everything!”

Jared, President

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