Jon’s Raving Fans

“I’m grateful, thankful and appreciative to do what I love and help others grow.” Jon Dwoskin


“Thanks Jon, I had a blast too. I have a feeling that’ll prove to be a life changing meeting.” -Reno, CEO

“Jon has been an instrumental and influential piece of my business. He has helped me grow my business exponentially by advising on strategic goal setting, planning and execution. Jon sees the whole picture and will work hard to complete every assignment.” -Andrew, Vice President

“Jon was born a leader and entrepreneur. He has the experience and track record to guide any motivated business person to new heights. Jon’s success in the business world has provided him with the tools necessary to advise others.” -Andrew, Vice President

“I’ve had the good fortune of being coached by several outstanding people in my 50+ year career, but Jon is in first place on my list.” –Tom, Associate

“Jon is a business whisperer. He seemed to know exactly what was going on with my company the minute I began working with him.” –Adam, President

“Jon has the uncanny ability to see through all the noise you experience in your professional life and force you to focus on the critical elements. ” –Edward, Senior Vice President

“Jon has been a terrific business mentor to newer entrepreneur participants in Hebrew Free Loan’s Marvin I. Danto Small Business Loan Program. They love working with Jon and have greatly appreciated his diligent, hands-on guidance to help them grow, innovate and be successful on all fronts.” – David, Executive Director

“Jon’s a brilliant business person with a truly killer instinct on execution. Has a great intuition with people and a knack for moving the ball forward as fast as it can possibly move. Anyone would be better off working with Jon.” -Scott, Owner

Jon was an amazing speaker that gave us all concrete and actionable things to work on! Of the 100 attendees, nobody left the room or so much as looked at their phone for the two hours- Jon had the room’s attention from the start- not an easy thing to do with such a diverse group! We want to have Jon back again!

Michael Todasco, Director of Innovation at PayPal

Jon spent four interactive hours with over 50 leaders at our site and everyone shared at least one tangible action by the end of the session with the group! I didn’t know it was possible to gain as many best practices and tips on leadership as we did in four hours. The entire room was actively engaged, learning, and most importantly LAUGHING through the seminar. I hope we can leverage Jon again in the future for other leadership seminars!

Lisa Scott, Senior Operations Manager at PayPal

We brought Jon to our PayPal Scottsdale and Chandler campuses to present the Being the CEO of your own domain workshop. It was non-stop information flow of valuable mindset, techniques, mindfulness, time management, ownership, etc. Well worth having him help us to become better at managing our time, taking ownership for our domain, and delivering on our commitments.

Troy Giles, Senior Manager, Site Reliability Engineering – Auto Recovery at PayPal

Last night at a NEXTWork Committee meeting, we recapped the Morning Mingle event at Social Kitchen & Bar and wow, everyone was raving about how well you spoke. Your advice and tips were practical, eye-opening, understndable and interesting. On behalf of JVS and NEXTGen Detroit, thank you for volunteering your time and sharing your wisdom to help our Jewish young adult profesionals. I hope you’ll stay involved with us and that we get to connect again soon!

Rachel Devries

I asked Jon to deliver an intense half-day talk on sales growth and invited all of my clients to attend. Everyone extended their gratitude for hosting the event and to Jon for sharing so much of his knowledge, experience and tools. Leading up to the event Jon was attentive to my personal needs and the exact needs of my group. He delivered exactly what was promised and needed. Specifically Jon is incredible at setting context for what an incredible sales team can look like, and tools to help understand the essential element and how to execute. I appreciate that Jon shares my passion for the discipline it takes to achieve great sales results and I would recommend him to any business looking to create a high performing sale team.

Erik, President and Coach

This morning, you talked about what it means to be a mensch and a leader and well, it’s pretty clear that you are both! Thank you for waking up early and speaking to our Jewish young adult professionals who were clearly thirsty for your business knowledge and expertise. After your talk, multiple people mentioned to me that they found your words meaningful and constructive. Those who won your book are eager to read it!! Overall, this morning was a huge success and I owe a lot of that to YOU. Thank you, Jon. Please stay in touch and reach out to me if I can ever be of assistance to you.

Rachel, Employment Specialist

I was trained as a broker for two years by Jon and I can truthfully say that he knows more about sales than any other person I know.

Allan, Real Estate Attorney and Former Broker

Working with Jon was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. He listened and helped me identify the challenges I was having with myself and with my team. The difference maker was that Jon knew how to help me address them in a methodical way, and showed me the tools to continue on the path to greater success personally and professionally. You can read all about how to do that, but Jon put it to practice. As a result of our time together, I have seen improved performance and job satisfaction in my team members, a greater self-confidence in my own ability to lead, and an increased positive perception about my leadership that has led to new opportunities I never thought possible.

Sam, Lead Recruiter

Jon has been instrumental with helping our team’s professional development skills grow. With his guidance and assistance, we have successfully hosted two leadership workshops that have greatly impacted our team’s skill set. Our primary focus was learning better communication and time management skills. Jon took our areas of concern and created a workshop that was personalized for our needs. Our management team has seen a tremendous difference within our team – We couldn’t have done it without him!

Emily, Lead Talent Services Manager

Jon, We just got the call from the President of our National company letting us know that we made Gold Circle and that we were the #1 growth market in the entire franchise/company for 2017! We grew by over $1.8M and we couldn’t have done it without your guidance. Thank you for sticking with us, helping us work through our challenges, and always keeping us on course.Thank you for being our secret weapon!

Bryan and Jared CEO/COO

Thank you for the work you have done with our sales team this year. Since beginning our engagement with you, our sales leadership is laser focused on clear expectations, accountability, and coaching to help the sales team hit and exceed their goals (which has happened!). As a result, the sales team is energized and also laser focused.

Personally, my work with you has helped me to better research and prepare for my sales efforts. Just a few “little” (not so little!) coaching points you shared helped me to secure 4 meetings with Fortune 500 companies within a few weeks of our coaching session!

Because of the tools and coaching you’ve provided, we are preparing to double our sales team in the upcoming year. I’m excited to continue to take our sales acumen to even greater heights with you in the future!

Rob, President of a Forbes Top 25 Company

Jon conducted a 3-hour training for our mid-level managers. Each of the 16 people walked away with multiple tools, best practices and strategies to implement into their day and are now better equipped to train the people they manage. His valuable insights to understand the human and business element of people and business was priceless to the growth of our people and company. Jon’s ability to connect to our group and specifically his ability to connect with each person individually gave all of our managers the ability to bring their best selves to the training and grow their skill-set.

Jon’s content, custom tools and systems, perspective, strategies and humor connected our group to push us to our next level of learning. Jon shared real life stories which helped our team to “hear” his message and incorporate what they were learning into their everyday management.

Jon has done multiple workshops for our group and always gets to the heart of the people, understands the exact training our group needs, comes overly prepared and breaks down real life scenarios going on in our company, reverse engineers the scenarios and gives us new “teachable moments” on how to better communicate, follow up and bring the best out of those we manage. Our team is continually becoming better managers thanks to Jon’s training. Thanks Jon for working with our team, me and our CEO in the growth of our business.

Jamie, Regional Director

Thanks for a great experience and help with jump-starting my career.

It has been a fun journey so far and can’t thank you enough for the motivation and tools along the way.

Thank you!

Derek, Investment Advisor

Jon, I really appreciate your time and guidance. After 18 years in the business, my meetings with you get me motivated!

Colin, Senior Vice President – Managing Director

Jon, You got everyone thinking and pumped. Awesome!!! Thanks for being a part of what is going to be an amazing year!

Rob, President

I’ve never worked with someone that is as high energy and as excited to get it right!  Jon – I really appreciate everything you brought to the table.

Bev, Director

Jon’s insight and coaching has helped our business get back on track.  He is highly skilled at aligning people and teams within an organization.  We have a renewed focus and are growing our market share.

Nathan, CEO

Jon, Can’t thank you enough for all of the help and continuous support over the last few months. You have been a great motivator and an even better teacher.

Derek, Investment Advisor

Jon’s ability to challenge our staff to identify opportunities and devise strategies was invaluable. His direct and engaging approach helped our company bring its mission into focus and inspired a clear path for achieving that mission.

Kathie, Senior VP and CFO

Jon has been a tremendously effective executive coach to help me get the right mindset, right plan in place and right level of commitment and accountability I needed to take my business to its next level.

Joe, COO

Working with Jon has allowed me to think of my law firm in a creative and expansive manner that I previously had not.   He was always accessible to me and had a wealth of ideas to keep my business moving forward.  His dedication to this process has been remarkable and appreciated!!

JR, President of Law Firm

I met with Jon Dwoskin not really knowing what to expect.  I am now extremely happy I met with him.  Just within 45 minutes of talking we came up with many ideas and concepts to move my business forward.  Implementing the concepts has already shown tremendous growth with my business.  The Jon Dwoskin Experience was well worth the time and investment.

Peter, CEO

Thank you Jon! You have truly helped in so many ways!  I look forward to growing and evolving even more.

Jenn, Head Trainer

Jon is like having your own/custom COO to always guide you in the right direction, with the right cutting edge strategy, while always keeping you thinking about what’s next.

Scott, President

When we found out about your crash course business reviews I was a bit skeptical.  What we got was so much more than a business review.  You have helped us dissect all that we have done and find out exactly what we need to be doing to not only meet but exceed all of our goals professionally and personally.  Your ability to get to the core of what we need to work on is remarkable.  My only regret is that we didn’t do this sooner.

Bryan, President

During our first six months of working together, Jon has provided not only valuable insight, but also acted as an outside board member of my company.  His rational, insightful and valuable business advice has helped me think about the future growth of my company and focused my attention on important aspects of my business that were not getting the required attention.  Our “on-site” day with my management team was great and allowed my team to articulate important insights about the direction of my company that would have otherwise gone unheard.  We had another session scheduled right after the first ended.  Most importantly, Jon is a thoughtful person and thinks about the world in a positive manner.  He makes you feel that you can accomplish anything and that only small changes in perspective can have big effects for your business and life.

Matthew, CEO

The best investment I have ever made in my professional self.

Jennifer, CEO

Working with Jon Dwoskin has been the best experience this company has had!  Jon put together two programs that were geared completely to the issues and challenges that our sales and management staff deal with on a daily basis. He took the time to thoroughly research us and the needs we had and put together very thought provoking and interactive seminars.  The comments afterwards from ALL the participants were extremely positive and one in particular said, “I have been to several seminars but never to one that related so much to my issues and that I could actually walk away with techniques I could use immediately!

Paul, Executive Managing Director

The Dwoskin Experience is a thought provoking concise program to challenge and effectively improve your sales. So many rudimentary ideas come to fruition with focus and consistency learned from Jon.

Kent, Vice President

Thank you Jon Wengrow Dwoskin, your advice and guidance has had an amazing impact on our business. You always seem to know which way we should steer the ship!

Jared, CEO

Jon recommended an Offsite Day to help grow our company and mentioned that it was analogous to a half-day boot camp.  Jon is very dynamic, driven, and leads with transparency.  He takes you all the way to the end and does not leave any wiggle room.   We had to look hard at what we individually were doing right and not doing right within the company.  He was able to turn every negative into a working positive.  Before our eyes, our goals were creatively interwoven into making a tighter working machine with higher realistic goals.  Every business needs a high-energy Jon Dwoskin.

Deb, COO

Jon provided fresh energy and perspective into client engagement and business development that produced quick results through the development of a concise strategy.  Thanks, Jon, for your assistance in continuing to grow our business.

Matthew, SVP/Advisor to CEO

Jon quickly broke down our operations and identified target areas for growth and development. Within a few sessions Jon helped structure a clear and concise business plan unique to our niche market segment that complimented our ambitious sales goals.

Ryan, Director

As new business owners my partner and I found ourselves working long hours with minimal results.  Jonathan has helped us focus our efforts and currently we are working fewer hours and we see our sales growing faster than our projections.  We could not recommend Jonathan and his services any higher.

Bryan, CEO

I couldn’t have grown so quickly without your help and support.

Adam, Vice President

I’ve had the good fortune of being coached by several outstanding people in my 50+ year career, but Jon is in first place on my list.

Tom, Associate

Jon has been a terrific business mentor to newer entrepreneur participants in Hebrew Free Loan’s Marvin I. Danto Small Business Loan Program. They love working with Jon and have greatly appreciated his diligent, hands-on guidance to help them grow, innovate and be successful on all fronts.

David, Executive Director

Jon has been an instrumental and influential piece of my business. He has helped me grow my business exponentially by advising on strategic goal setting, planning and execution. Jon sees the whole picture and will work hard to complete every assignment.

Jon was born a leader and entrepreneur. He has the experience and track record to guide any motivated business person to new heights. Jon’s success in the business world has provided him with the tools necessary to advise others.

Andrew, Vice President

You are more of a rock star than a coach!

Jules, CEO

Having known Jon for several years I took advantage of his expertise and ability to provide me challenge me to clarify my goals and needs. He challenged me to think differently and approach my circumstances from a new perspective.  He’s been a real benefit to my business and personal growth.  Thanks, Jon!

Bradley, Vice President

Best of luck to you with your new venture. It was said by George Marcus when you took over the Detroit office that nobody had ever taken over a successful office and not had it go backward. That can no longer be said.

Your leadership, commitment, and passion as Regional Manager of the Detroit office has moved an already successful operation to greater heights.

You will be missed. Thank you for everything. Your contributions have been greatly appreciated.

Steve, Senior Vice President

Jon has the uncanny ability to see through all the noise you experience in your professional life and force you to focus on the critical elements. He’s also a wiz at identifying new and creative ways to differentiate yourself in a highly commoditized industry; a very smart, very creative guy. Highly recommended.

Edward, Senior Vice President

Jon has been my business coach for nearly four years. When I started working with him, I was transitioning to a new career. His guidance and advice have been critical to my success in my new endeavor. His insight and the tools he has developed are invaluable. Plus, the enthusiasm and energy he shares are helping me attain levels of achievement I never thought possible.

Thomas, CEO

Jon is an intuitive engineer of best business practices. He understands how to recalibrate your perspective and gets you to think outside of the box. As long as I have known Jon, he has always had the instinctual vigor for helping others break the mold and find room for growth, no matter what success level you are at. I am a proponent of enterprising my business and creating continuity when success demands it. That is why I utilize The Jon Dwoskin Experience. Jon is like an interim COO to my practice who brings a bold way of thinking to the table. He is helping to systematically synergize my company infrastructure and productivity. I recommend his services.

Simon, CEO

As I am implementing changes and pushing our teams out of their comfort zones, your insights and advice have been invaluable. I appreciate that you’ve raised the bar on expectations, which has positioned me for success.

Linda, CEO

Jonathan is an exceptional executive who proactively offers sharp insights to support projects and initiatives in alignment with broader company goals. His solutions oriented perspective and positive outlook are always welcome, and his knowledge of the sales cycle is outstanding.

John, First Vice President

I am honored to write this recommendation for the coaching services Jonathan Dwoskin is offering.

I have known Jonathan for several years both professionally and privately and the one thing I have admired most about this man is his transparency. No matter under what circumstances you speak with Jonathan, you can be assured you are talking with someone who demonstrates true authenticity.

Bill, CEO

I wanted to take the time to let you know that it was a pleasure meeting you last week at the sales symposium. Your message was phenomenal and it is safe to say that it truly helped me improve not only as a professional, but as an individual as well. I’m also glad we were able to share a workout session with David. Having played football at the high school and collegiate level, I enjoy and embrace working out with different individuals, and it was amazing that I was able to connect with you in something that I am very passionate about, aside from business.

Thank you for the information you shared with us at the symposium, and again, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to have connected with you the way we did. You are a true inspiration and just know that I will continue to grow and prosper, regardless of what curveballs life blesses me with.


Thank you again so very much for your outstanding presentation on emotional intelligence at our 8/24 JPro MI event. You are a star and you present with a clear, articulate and caring demeanor that is very effective with audiences. I’ve now seen it several times and I give you a big THUMBS-UP! You killed it and I hope there will be some follow-up gigs for you. Thank you again so very much for your outstanding presentation on emotional intelligence at our 8/24 JPro MI event. You are a star and you present with a clear, articulate and caring demeanor that is very effective with audiences. I’ve now seen it several times and I give you a big THUMBS-UP! You killed it and I hope there will be some follow-up gigs for you. Thanks again, Jon!

David C., Executive Director

Thank you for the presentation this afternoon. You gave everyone there great tools and strategies to work on their communication and leadership.  I’ve received “thank you” messages from many managers for inviting you to speak to our team.

Jeri, Regional Director

Thanks for the training yesterday! I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to stopping and starting some things!

Lucy, Director

Working with you has given me hope!

Andrew, Director

We’ve had Jon Wengrow Dwoskin come into Colliers a few times to give us some great mind opening philosophies that have really given me a new mindset how I look at things.

Brian, 1st Vice President

Jon, what can I say!? Thank you doesn’t even cut it… Appreciate your vision, belief and inspiration.

Will, Wealth Advisor

I was trained as a broker for two years by Jon and I can truthfully say that he knows more about sales than any other person I know.

Allan – Real Estate Attorney and Former Broker

Jon, You were great! Everyone really got a lot out of your sessions. You were mentioned many times in our wrap today. Thanks!

Joel, CEO

Jon Dwoskin and I worked alongside of each other for approximately 10 years. He is the most ethical, driven and hard working person I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Jon has a unique ability of seeing the big picture without losing site of the daily work involved to achieve his goals. I learned a great deal from Jon and recommend him to anyone looking to grow their business.

Jon is a visionary leader with a positive attitude.

Andy, Executive Director

Jon has been operating in the capacity I would characterize best as the Chief Operating Officer of my small and growing company.

His input and energy has been an excellent catalyst for a number of areas including sales, marketing, overall goal setting, STRATEGY FOR GROWING OUR BUSINESS in the short term and long term, etc. I believe that the information from someone who not only knows my business, but can provide a cross reference from other similar businesses gives us the additional insight that we need. I would recommend JD to anyone.

James, Vice President

Jon is a business whisperer. He seemed to know exactly what was going on with my company the minute I began working with him.

Adam, President

Not only does Jon have a wealth of business knowledge, but every visit is inspirational. He forces us to think critically about our business and ourselves which is why we have seen so much success and growth with our business.

Jared, President

Within my first 2 hour meeting with Jon, I understood how to restructure parts of my company, website and mindset as well as figured out an immediate way to increase my income $100,000.

Dan, CEO

We were stuck, and self-defeating. Jon showed us a path to find success and start building a plan. He is pushing us to accomplish more than ever.

Jodie, CMP, CTA, CMM, Director of Operations

Working with Jon doesn’t feel like work! As always, a million thanks!

Maria, CEO

Jon, Today’s full day offsite was a great opportunity to narrow our focus and get our entire Business family on the same page.  Your guidance has meant so much to us and we know that you have been a big part of our success.  Thank you for everything!

Jared, President

I began utilizing the services of The Jon Dwoskin Experience about a year ago, as a direct result of our prior business relationship that turned in to a wonderful friendship.  I was drawn to Jon by his charisma, humor and just the way he dealt with situations and people in general.  He was always able to provide clarity to me when I may not see the correct path.  In business, you don’t use your friends because they are your friends, you do it because they are amazing at what they do!  Jon is irreplaceable and I would not only recommend, but insist, that anyone looking to grow and improve, call him NOW.

Jeff, President

Excited to announce, The Motor City Casino as a new client for my firm. Look for new and updated art in the hotel and casino over the next year. I couldn’t have done this without the trust and guidance of The Jon Dwoskin Experience. If you’re interested in growing your business reach out to him.

Terri, CEO

Jon,  I call you “The Idea-Man”!! I couldn’t believe how quickly you were able come up with low-cost, manageable solutions to help me build my business.  I had met with a few marketing people before I met with you but… they just didn’t feel right.  I didn’t walk away with the same confidence and energy I felt when I walked away from our meeting.  Thanks for everything!

Lisa, President

Jon is the ultimate idea guy. He restructured my entire company in our first session and set a timeline for me to grow my business in the most effective way that I could not see for myself because I was too close to my own business. I simply could not see the forest through the trees. Jon took the time to listen to the fundamentals of my industry and company and within moments had a perspective and vision for my company that blew me away. I am now on a course of explosive growth and plugged back into the passion of my company. Thanks Jon, I’m looking forward to working with you as we execute and build my business. I couldn’t do it without you!

Jeff, CEO

The business planning meeting for our sales team was invaluable!  Truly appreciated.

Jeff, President

Jon, your ability to instantly pinpoint several key strategies that were needed to  help our business grow was most impressive and leaving our first meeting with a set of “tools” that we could immediately implement was very satisfying. I always tell my children, having passion for what you do is so important, you clearly have it and it is inspiring!

Tina, CEO

Your work around my office has been a tremendous benefit, not just for me but the development of the firm.  I look forward to our continued efforts together.

Adam, CEO

I appreciate you pushing me to getting to greatness!!! I feel clearer after our talk as to my focus!!! Thanks man!!! I am really enjoying you as my coach and appreciate you being so honest and straightforward. Never ever worry about offending me…I need this coaching….

Greg, Managing Partner

Jon has been a game changer for our business.  Not only has he identified how we can be better structured, but he has identified and help implement how we can grow faster and more efficiently.  The company culture, direction and motivation is already much improved with Jon’s help.

Scott, CEO

Just want to thank you for your expert advice on how to double my business. Will keep you posted to our team’s progress.

Susan, CEO

Thank you to Jon for giving me a different point of view.  Jon’s advice helped me empower my team, and ultimately, helped grow our organization. My only regret is not coming to Jon earlier!

Rachel, President

Jon’s a brilliant business person with a truly killer instinct on execution. Has a great intuition with people and a knack for moving the ball forward as fast as it can possibly move. Anyone would be better off working with Jon.

Scott, Owner

I really appreciate you and all you’ve done for me over the years. Speaking with you today lifted my spirits and gave me renewed strength.


Gary, President

Working with Jon has been amazing. In just a few months he helped us create a new on-line web based venture that will transition our 50 year-old business into a modern entrepreneurship. He was instrumental in conceptualizing the new brand, generously imparting his expertise and winning strategies to create an income producing online business. His master online business skills combined with his business expertise will help anyone go from obscurity to breakthrough success in social media, video, and viral marketing. We now have a new online presence that compliments our brick and mortar business and puts us at the center of a whole new 21st century audience. If you’re willing to take the ride of your life, and you crave to be relevant to today’s generation and are ready to grow your business online, get on board The Jon Dwoskin Experience…and have fun!!!

Jodi, President

Thanks Jon, I had a blast. I have a feeling that’ll prove to be a life changing meeting.

Reno, CEO

I am excited to implement some changes into my schedule and routine, thank you for sharing your expertise. I feel tremendously blessed to have met you and learn some great tools.

Ginger, Salesperson

I’ve known Jon for many years and recently had the opportunity to attend his business plan builder workshop. The workshop was outstanding – it breaks down each element of success to its most basic level, gives you the ‘why’ and the ‘how’, and inspires you to take action. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to implement the plan, but the data truly forces one to reconsider their modus operandi. Jon is a serial achiever – I’m convinced he’s either cloned himself or doesn’t sleep, because he is constantly working and producing. He not only has his finger on the pulse of investment real estate, he has the sales experience, managerial skills, and seemingly insatiable personal-development-inspired drive to mold powerhouse brokers. His website is also an excellent source of real estate links and information. Thank you Jon and well done!

Joseph, President

Jon was instrumental in helping me find the vision and message I needed for my office. I oversee a group of independent sales people and his involvement was essential in setting the vision and in executing the message that has now given my office the boost in energy and production that it so desperately needed. I couldn’t have done this without him and I am grateful for his passion and critical thinking that helped my office, and, will help any organization.

Howard C., President

Having Jon is a huge asset in the growth of my business. Having someone to problem solve with in the middle of the week when I am in the middle of a situation is priceless. Whenever I am in a position of: “How am I going to solve this issue…?” I call Jon.  He is not only there for me and my team during our 1:1 time, but anytime I need him to advance my business and get the angst out of my head so I can focus on growing my business, not getting stuck in my business.

Tammy, CEO

I wanted to share with you that I met a Pastor on the plane today.  He and I talked at length about leadership and managing.  So happens he knows and is friends with John Maxwell.  He was a fighter pilot and being 68 years old had great stories to share.  The conversation reminded me of you and how you helped refocus my thinking.  I thank you for your time you spent with me.

Bradley, Vice President

I really loved your presentation!  Looking forward to working with you, you’re a great motivator!

Beth, Salesperson

Your presentation was amazing and the content enlightening. I was reminded of so many things, both old and new, for which I appreciate your guidance and experience.


I enjoyed your presentation so much I really am taking it all in and trying to implement some of the things you shared. I will definitely reach out to you if I have any questions.

The single best presentation I have ever seen. Just felt you should know that it impacted me deeply. I hope to see you soon and I won’t hesitate to reach out with anything I may have questions with. Hope our paths cross again.


Thank you for your time and presentation. I spoke with several producers who got a ton of tips from you… did I. Always great to be reminded of the activities we all have to be mindful of to accomplish all those lofty goals and execute on the big ideas.


Jon, the kickoff session was awesome! We unpacked a ton of things and put some others in perspective. I’m truly looking forward to our upcoming sessions.


I gained a lot of valuable information that I look forward to implementing to help grow my business.


I just wanted to reach out and follow-up by saying thank you for taking the time to meet with all of us yesterday. I definitely took a lot away from the seminar, and appreciate you helping me with some of my direct situations. Thank you again for taking the time yesterday to break some things down. Sometimes I need to hear things from an outside point of view, and I think I was able to shift perspectives after hearing you speak.

Tori, Manager and Attendee at Jon’s Workshop

During my 120 days on your program, I actually doubled my pipeline of real estate listings, completed one new deal, developed web infrastructure and added many new clients. I’m sure even more success from the program will be apparent with time. Thanks for all the help. I’m sure I will be making another investment in my business growth sometime very soon.


Hiring you to help me with my business was one of the best moves I could have made. I valued your thoughtful input, analysis and attention to detail for a long time now, but was only recently reminded when your skill and ideas came on board to help my company.

Jon worked extensively with my company for over 6 months, and continues readily making himself available to me for quick questions or brainstorming.

If you require assistance in growing a business, bring Jon on board for a fresh perspective and enhanced problem solving solutions. I was extremely impressed with his expertise in customer service, client retention, support in creating our website, just to name a few. I am happy to report, we not only reached the goal Jon had set for the year, we are well on our way to doubling that goal this year.

It was a pleasure to work with Jon. He managed in an extremely short time to figure out new business goals, and helped our company reach our full potential. The confidence learned by my team from Jon is literally invaluable. We can’t thank you enough.

Terri, Owner

We have been fortunate to have seen our company grow quickly over the last 5 years. However, along with that growth has come the realization that we are all very good at what we do as a company, but not necessarily good at knowing how to manage our time and resources efficiently. In the midst of success, we had all become “do-everything” people within the company, without a clear focus on segregation of duties, or focusing our individuals on their strengths.

We hired Jon not really knowing what he could do for us, but intrigued with his ability to be “above the fray”, and take an outsider’s view of what we were doing right, and what we could improve upon. From the first meeting, we could tell that we were speaking to “one of us”. Jon is a great listener, quick to know exactly the growing pains that we were facing, and just as quick to offer usable information that we could implement immediately to see meaningful results. The simple fact is that we were all so mired in the day-to-day “weeds” of the business, that it clouded our ability to see how small changes could be implemented that could have huge positive effects on people’s productivity, and happiness.

Nicholas, CEO

As the wife of a business owner looking in, it’s not so easy to get a clear picture of how things are going.  After an intense seven hour session with Jon, we were able to identify goals on a timeline for sales and growth, what needs are being met or missed between departments, and intentional measures to implement more work/life balance for both owners and their families.  Jon was able to facilitate difficult discussions that encouraged growth and discovery in a positive light.  By the end of the day I felt more confident in the time and energy my husband has put into this business. I also found that my concerns about his presence at home and with our kids and his own health had been addressed.   The experience of an outside source identifying where there is room for improvement has way more impact than if it came from a nagging family member.  The Jon Dwoskin Experience was well worth the time and resources invested, as our business begins to realize success.  Thank you Jon for helping map a plan that meets everyone’s needs!

Thank you so much!!

Lisa, wife of CEO

A few months ago, a colleague of mine reached out to me and asked if I could help find some office space for one of his good friends. That’s when I was first introduced to Jon Dwoskin. At that time I knew nothing about Jon, other than he was a prospective tenant that I was trying to accommodate. Interestingly enough, within the first few minutes of showing him some potential office locations, I knew that we had some type of connection. It was a situation where both of our personalities clicked within the first few minutes of speaking, and by the end of the showing we were well on to other topics besides real estate. Jon had given me a basic history on his career background, and I told him that I was just starting a new role in my professional career myself. I asked him if he would be willing to meet for a coffee just to continue the conversation, and it was one of the best life decisions I had ever made.

While chatting at Starbucks, I learned about Jon’s mentoring business and thought to myself that this could be a perfect fit for me. Jon was easy to talk to when it came to sharing my past and current experiences, and at first he mostly just listened. It was when he first started giving me little pieces of advice, such as pointers on basic appearance and ways to phrase tasks to employees etc, that I could tell he had an immense wealth of knowledge on how to run a company and grow a successful business. I also felt comfortable that he knew exactly where I was in my career, and that he had the tools to help guide me to become a better leader. After our initial conversation, I decided to try his mentoring business out and see if there was a value add.

I now continue to work with Jon for several hours a month, and the insight and guidance I have received from him have been beyond valuable. Interestingly enough, many of the organizational and talent management tools he has shared with me are not complicated. The amazing part is that they are easy to implement and EXTREMELY effective! Within the first month, I was hooked and it is amazing how much has changed in such a short amount of time. The results that his guidance has had on how the outside world views me as a professional, the increase in productivity of my employees, and most importantly, the way I view and feel about myself, has given me a new high on life.

It is also very important to note that I do not give all of the credit to Jon. I have a few years of profound career experience myself, and am a very motivated individual that has gotten me to a great spot before even meeting Jon. The distinguishing factor is Jon’s high level of insight from both a detailed and global perspective, that enables him to hone in on my strong skill sets, identify the areas for improvement, and outline a plan and provide personalized techniques to make me more effective everyday. He also has and continues to hold me highly accountable for everything I say I am going to do. While I am very proud of my past accomplishments, now that I have Jon as a mentor I feel like I have been upgraded to a new and improved version of myself. Before I was version 1.0, now I am version 2.0. The most exciting part is that this is only the beginning, and I look forward to getting to version 10.0.

Jon is truly an incredible individual, and I would not invest my time, which for me is extremely tight these days, if I knew this was a waste. He is the real deal and I guarantee that you will quickly notice changes after seeing things from his perspective. I have never been more excited to use my newly gained tools and confidence and implement into my everyday work and personal life. Jon, thank you for all of your guidance and support, and I look forward to developing a long lasting relationship with you throughout my career.

Sam, CEO

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