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I’m a believer…

I’m a believer that no matter what your position or title, everyone should think like the CEO of their own company. It’s the ultimate ownership and level of pure fulfillment.

I’m a believer in breaking everything down to simple, and to customizing my advising, ideas and tools to fit your specific needs for immediate and accelerated growth.

All of my interactions with clients follow my custom THINK BIG Methodology so you achieve the results you need to grow your business, yourself and your people so you can Think Big! 


Samples of Jon's Interactive Training

"I just wanted to reach out and follow-up by saying thank you for taking the time to meet with all of us yesterday. I definitely took a lot away from the seminar, and appreciate you helping me with some of my direct situations. Thank you again for taking the time yesterday to break some things down. Sometimes I need to hear things from an outside point of view, and I think I was able to shift perspectives after hearing you speak."

Tori, Manager and Attendee at Jon’s Workshop

"Thank you for the presentation this afternoon. You gave everyone there great tools and strategies to work on their communication and leadership. I've received "thank you" messages from many managers for inviting you to speak to our team."

Jeri, Regional Director

"Thanks for the training yesterday! I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to stopping and starting some things!"

Lucy, Director