Jon Dwoskin’s
External VP of Sales Program

Let Jon transform your sales department into a high-performing powerhouse.

Is your sales team getting your full attention, but still stuck?

Are you too busy to provide the guidance needed to elevate their sales game?

Need to free up time so you can grow your business?

Are you ready to supercharge their performance and drive revenue growth like never before?

Let Jon transform your sales
team into a high-performing powerhouse.

Jon Dwoskin's External VP of Sales Program

Jon’s External VP of Sales Program has been a game changer for our company.

With Jon leading our sales meetings and the 1-1 time he spends with them, it has freed up my time to do mission critical work the company needs as a principal of the business.

It has also kept our sales team on track, growing their pipelines and keeping their sales skills sharp.

I can’t recommend this program enough for leaders who need to free up time and know the growth of their sales team is in great hands with an expert like Jon.

Jeff, Principal

Let Jon lead and collaborate with you on below:

Weekly Team Meetings that Drive Success:

  • 30-minute productive, engaging weekly team meetings
  • Compelling talking points to build client relationships and boost sales
  • Role playing to conquer common sales objections and prepare your team for each week ahead
  • Ambitious weekly goals and proven techniques for achieving them
  • Custom Google Sheets goal tracker to keep them accountable and on track
  • Detailed notes will be made available after each session. Zoom recordings available on request.

Weekly Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching for Every Salesperson:

  • 15-minute sessions to tackle challenges and strategize solutions
  • Develop individual micro business plans to provide a custom roadmap that drives them to thrive

Leadership Insights to Drive Progress:

  • Monthly meetings with your leadership team 1-2 times per month to review progress and provide insights
  • Together, we’ll fine-tune strategies, align goals, and steer your team towards significant success
  • Detailed agenda preparation and coordination with leadership team

Optional Add On: Empowering Workshops and Role Plays

  • 1-2 monthly team workshops and role plays to boost confidence and conversions
  • Directly tackle common objections, prepping your team for successful calls and meetings

Don’t let your sales team settle for mediocrity when they can achieve greatness.

Turn them into a dynamic, revenue-generating force
with my External VP of Sales program! 

Contact me today to get started
on your path to success:

What I really like about working with Jon is that he gets you out of your comfort zone.

I didn’t realize how complacent I had become with my performance before working with Jon. Since I have started working with Jon, I have found that he helped me reach higher goals by reverse engineering the process and starting at your goal, and then working backwards on what you need to do on a daily and hourly basis to reach that goal.

Also, Jon’s focus on quantitative measures keeps me accountable, and always gives me a direction if I ever start veering off track.

Tim, Sales Executive

Jon “helped take us from inception to doing over $6M in annual sales in 2019.”
Jared, CEO

The Plan:

1 Hour Kickoff Sales Coaching Call with Each Salesperson

On-Going Coaching:
Everyone has a different shelf life. We determine the best plan of action for
your team to stay unstuck, consistent and in alignment.

Option 1 – 1/Week:
One 15-minute power coaching call each week.

Option 2 – 2/Month:
30-minute power coaching call
every other week

For Every Virtual Meeting:
I provide notes from each meeting. They are sent immediately to your email. All Zoom sessions/recordings will be put in a shared dropbox for your future use (upon request).

Stay Connected:

In addition to above calls, I am your team’s External VP of Sales and available
when you — or they — need a key piece of advice to grow your sales in real time.

I return every call/text/email every day.

My Guarantee:
Value on every coaching call or don’t pay me
No contracts
Month-to-Month Investment
Every call/text/email returned every day

Contact Me for Details:

248.535.7796 |

Since I started working with Jon, I have become much more organized, efficient, and focused.

He has helped me establish a more efficient workflow and has made me more conscious of how I am spending my time down to the minute of each day.

Every week, I learn new tips and strategies to implement into my routine.

Our last 15-minute call made me at least $500k in potential commissions.

Charles, Sales Associate


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