Jon Dwoskin’s Business Course Bundle

8-Week Program to jumpstart your business growth

For business professionals who are
stuck between $150K-300,000

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8 weeks of courses start immediately when you sign up.
Each week features a different essential business-growth topic and
is filled with the guidance you need to reach your goals!


Week 1

7-Day Think Like a CEO & Think BIG Challenge

Week 2


Week 3

Jon Dwoskin’s 7-Day Master Your Routines Challenge

Week 4


Week 5

Jon Dwoskin 7-Day Sales Challenge Course

Week 6

How To Manage People Course

Week 7

Meditation Course

Week 8

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WEEK 1: 7-Day Time Management Challenge:
Master your calendar to master your business and life!

WEEK 2: 7-Day Think Like a CEO & Think BIG:
Get everyone in your company unstuck and on path to their highest potential

WEEK 3: 7-Day Business Planning 101 Challenge:
Have a plan. Follow up the plan. Measure the plan!

WEEK 4: 7-Day Master Your Routines Challenge:
Owning and controlling your days!

WEEK 5: 7-Day Gratitude Challenge:
Get back to center & present. Raise your frequency and vibration. Put a smile on your face and others.

WEEK 6: 7-Day Doubling+ Your Sales Challenge:
Prospecting, The ASK, Storytelling and the Close.

WEEK 7: 7-Day How to Manage People Challenge:
Get everyone rowing in the same direction to create positive results for them and for your business!

WEEK 8: 7-Day Meditation Challenge:
Improve your life and business with this powerful tool!

This Accelerated Bundle of Courses Includes:

  • Daily 1 minute email guidance
  • Daily 1 minute coaching videos
  • Business growth worksheet downloads
  • Impactful, incremental learning steps to guide your business-growth journey 

BUY NOW | 497

Jon Dwoskin “helped take us from inception to doing over $6M in annual sales in 2019.”
Jared, CEO

PLUS, You’ll Get the Following Valuable
Business Growth Bonuses:


BONUS #1: The THINK BIG 1-Year Business Plan Template
Create your business growth intention and plan for the next year with this simple worksheet designed to get you focused and aligned with your business growth goals.

BONUS #2: Guest Spot on Jon’s Podcast THINK Business LIVE
Promote your business to Jon’s audience during your prescheduled LIVE interview on Jon’s THINK Business LIVE podcast. This episode will also serve as a valuable promotional piece you can use on your website, in your podcast stream, on your social media or email marketing and more!

BONUS #3: Jon’s Master Your Time Workbook
If you don’t know how to master your time, growing your business and reaching your business goals is virtually impossible. Using the same methods I developed for my 1:1 coaching clients, this easy-to-follow workbook will walk you through the steps you need to take to stop wasting time so you can grow your business today!

The Think Big Movement is a business parable filled with invaluable insight on how to grow your business. It gives you the tools, best practices and step-by-step guidance you’ve been craving to move your business forward, at any stage in its growth. The result? Your business soars to new heights.

BONUS #5: Jon’s eBook: How to THINK BIG
This eBook provides simple solutions for rapidly growing your business and kickstarting your business growth. It provides new strategies to increase sales, grow your bottom line and enhance your client relationships.

Bonus #6: Jon’s eBook: Ultimate Recruiting Roadmap
Hire smarter with proven techniques and strategies to identify qualified candidates, streamline your hiring process, and build a strong and productive team.

Bonus #7: Jon’s eBook: How to Think Like a CEO
Reexamine the fundamentals of what it means to be a CEO with ideas and strategies to bring clarity to your next business decision, assist you in finding where you’re wasting time and help you continue to grow for the ages.

BUY NOW | 497

“Jon provided fresh energy and perspective into client engagement and business development that produced quick results through the development of a concise strategy.  Thanks, Jon, for your assistance in continuing to grow our business.”


Matthew, SVP/Advisor to CEO

“Jon exemplifies high level strategic thinking that drives results.”

“Jon has been a game changer for our business. Not only has he identified how we can be better structured, but he has identified and help implement how we can grow faster and more efficiently. The company culture, direction and motivation is already much improved with Jon’s help.”


Scott, CEO