Grow your Business Big. Very Big!

“You can’t get to the right answers if you don’t ask yourself the right questions.” Jon Dwoskin


A sampling of Jon’s key questions to ask yourself when growing your business

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Do you have the proper leadership team in place to grow your business?

Does the company have a mission statement, vision and core values?

Do your managers know how to manage effectively to grow your people?

Will this make a difference to the bottom line?

Do you have a specific and measurable 1 and 3 year business plan so everyone knows where you are going?

Does the company have complete transparency?

Does everyone in the company know their top 3 leading activities they need to do everyday?

Do you have the right people in the right seats and are they all great?

Does the company have the proper recruiting system and mindset?

Is everyone compensated appropriately?

Is everyone reviewing and course correcting their business plans daily?

Does the company have the systems and processes needed to grow?

Does everyone in the company get ample sales training?

Do you have the ability to Influence? Do people in the company?

Does the CEO call every new hire?

Is the company doing marketing to support the company/sales people AND marketing to generate leads?

Does everyone in the company know how they are measured and what measurements grow the company?

Do you have the right healthy culture?

Does the company have a fun committee?

Do you have the team in place to hold everyone accountable?

When you have clarity along with specific and measurable answers to these questions and many others, your business will accelerate its growth strategy.

If you’re ready to grow and lead big. Very Big!
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