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Do you have a sales team, but no time to train them?

Jon’s Sales Group Training is an intense ongoing program designed to provide high level training in small, focused groups to deliver big results and provide you with the ongoing sales playbook you’ve been seeking.

It will take discipline, hard work and dedication, but if you’re ready to grow your pipeline big, Jon is ready to help you do it!

Jon’s Sales Group Training:

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Consistent Group Training

Jon will work with your sales team to grow their business, pipelines, influence and sales skills on a consistent basis.

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Ultimate Accountability

Jon, along with your fellow group members, will keep everyone accountable, and ensure that
they’re doing what they say they’re
going to do.

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Turn Decades into Days

Jon’s consistent sales training will accelerate your sales team’s learning curve with best practices, strategies and tools.

Jon Dwoskin’s THINK BIG Methodology

All of Jon's training includes his THINK BIG Methodology so you can achieve the results you need to grow your business, yourself and your people so you can Think Big!

Highlights of Jon’s Sales Group Training

Business Planning, Metrics and Identifying Your Ideal Client

Construct the most specific and measurable 12-month business plan of your career. Together, we will craft your plan and reverse-engineer down to the quarter, month, week and day. We will determine the metrics, rations, marketing/branding, projects, leading activities/priorities and the one measurable you need to focus on to grow your business, pipelines and revenues.

Build Your Team

Whether you have a team in place or are building one, you must have the right people in the right seats doing the right things. We will make sure your people comprise the right coachable crew with the right business plans that mesh with your overall goals.

Clarify Your Message

Most salespeople don’t know how or what to say to separate them from the competition. We’ll hone your message with clear direction so your clients can quickly understand what sets you apart and makes you the better choice.

Employ Effective Time Management

As salespeople, all we have is our time. It is critical to learn how to balance and raise our skillset in not only managing our time, but our energy. Nothing drains salespeople more than working with a difficult client or team member. Master techniques that maximize your time and your energy so you can focus on the bottom line.

Excel in the New Prospecting Relationship Game

How do you prospect in the social media age, where competition is more fierce than ever before? Understand how to distinguish yourself from all the noise and employ proven methods to target key clients and markets.

Finding Your Voice and Knowing What to Say

Create the ultimate scripts for the cold call, warm call, referral and getting through the gatekeeper. Fine-tune the process of building the relationships you need, and grow your business development skill set.

Role Playing

Each session will have live, interactive role playing to bring the tools and communication to life.

Zero In on Your Pipeline

We take a deep dive into your pipeline, key clients and top 10 to 30 target clients. We will clean up your pipeline and get you focused on clients and deals that accelerate your business – not hold it back.

Perfect the Art of the Close

Walk away with new closing techniques to sign more clients and showcase your ability to work the deal from start to finish. Discover how to keep your clients aware of what you are accomplishing for them so you can demonstrate your value and secure that next deal.

Influence with Marketing and Branding

Grow your business through the power of marketing and branding your message. Realize what differentiates you from the competition and create a lead-generating plan that brings more clients in the door.

Mine the Power of Introductions/Referrals

Most salespeople don’t like to ask for referrals to grow their business, but it’s an essential skill to embrace. We will work on strategies and best practices to secure more of the right clients through your relationships with current accounts, prospects and centers of influence.

Cement Accountability

Everything leads to a higher level of success when you have a way to hold yourself highly accountable. Add methods and techniques to your toolbox that increase your accountability and the ability to grow big. Very Big!

Get Ready to Grow Your Sales Big. Very Big.

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Think Big!


“Thank you for the work you have done with our sales team this year. Since beginning our engagement with you, our sales leadership is laser focused on clear expectations, accountability, and coaching to help the sales team hit and exceed their goals (which has happened!). As a result, the sales team is energized and also laser focused.”

Rob, President of a Forbes Top 25 Company

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“Just wanted to thank you for another amazing meeting yesterday. I’ve never felt more prepared with specific goals and a game plan for the new year than I do right now. I’ve always had goals, but not ones that could be measured and so strategic. With 29 years of marketing, you’ve helped me in this online/virtual era find a way to stay connected to my clients. Thank you for helping me get to the next level!!!”

Ginger, Salesperson

Read the full testimonial and more from Jon’s Raving Fans

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