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Are your managers good at their jobs,
but not at managing people?

Do your managers need to learn to grow their people?

Are you investing in training your managers?

Jon’s Management Group Training is intense ongoing training that provides your team with the management skills, practical tools and guidance needed to grow themselves and an effective team of engaged people.

It will take discipline, hard work and dedication, but if you’re ready to grow your managers, Jon is ready to help you do it!

Jon’s Management Group Training:

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Consistent Group Training

Jon will teach your managers the skills, best practices and practical tools required to grow themselves and their people, developing the company’s culture and bottom line.

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Ultimate Accountability

Jon will keep everyone accountable, and ensure that each person is doing what they say they’re going to do.

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Turn Decades into Days

Accelerate your managers’ learning curve with Jon’s best practices, strategies and tools to grow your people and business big. Very Big!

Jon Dwoskin’s THINK BIG Methodology

All of Jon's training includes his THINK BIG Methodology so you can achieve the results you need to grow your business, yourself and your people so you can Think Big!

Highlights of Jon’s Management Group Training

Business Planning and the Right Stuff

We will create the ultimate business plan for each individual and the entire department. Having the right people in the right seats, in the right culture, are critical to your growth. Get a deeper understanding of your bench by clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each team member. Ensure you have your finger on the pulse of your environment and get your team working to their optimal capacity. Understand how to run an effective meeting to get your people hitting their goals. We will also clarify the mission, vision and values of your department.

Build Trust and Confidence

You don’t want death by meeting, but it’s essential to set the schedule for effective gatherings — company meetings, team meetings, one-on-one talks, planning sessions, breakout meetings, and quarterly and annual performance reviews. Together we will map out the most effective meetings to grow your team, along with efficient agendas, time frames, guidelines and tips on how every meeting should begin and end.

Accentuate Accountability

Learn how to coach every person you manage to bring out their very best. We’ll hone their business plan, identify their top three priorities and activities, design metrics and measurables, and reveal how to maximize their strengths and shore up their gaps.

Work It

Train your team to be their best and most relevant by holding effective workshops that accelerate growth. We’ll drill down on finding the proper talking points and real-time best practices to keep everyone (including yourself) motivated.

Measurement Check-ins

Are you hitting your goals? Is your team performing as expected? Each person must understand how they are measured and how and when to correct course. Discover how to perform the right annual kickoffs and quarterly checkpoints to confirm you all know where you’re going and how you’re getting there.

Identify the Power of Influence

Learn how to identify each team member’s individual driver – a crucial tool for understanding their motivation and how to effectively manage and influence them. When you can speak to what gets them up in the morning, it’s a game changer.

Role Playing

Each session will have live, interactive role playing to bring the tools and communication to life.

Enhance Transparency and Planning

We will create the ultimate business plan for your department, as well as for each of its members, that aligns with the company’s business plan. We’ll craft your division’s mission and messaging so everyone is clear on where they are going and how they fit into the overall big picture.

Where the Magic Happens

Perfect how you connect with every person you manage, every day, to make sure they are doing what they said they would do — without having to micromanage. We’ll take many of the earlier initiatives we’ve mastered to determine how best to identify with each person individually so they can execute based on their own DNA.

Stay Consistent

Together we’ll create a real-time culture that brings everything to life – and learn to craft a role-play culture so your teams thrive and have fun along the way.

Build for the Future

To be the best, we must have the best. We’ll produce a recruiting business plan and take a hard look at our bench and clients to determine who we need to prune. This is the ultimate exercise to make sure you, your department and your company are growing in the right direction. We will also begin building or refining the career path of each employee.

Succession Planning

We will build out a succession plan for each employee to ensure we are always in a proactive growth mode — not reactive and scrambling to fill vacancies.

Get Ready to Grow Your Management Skills Big. Very Big.

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“Jon conducted a 3-hour training for our mid-level managers. Each of the 16 people walked away with multiple tools, best practices and strategies to implement into their day and are now better equipped to train the people they manage.”

Jamie, Regional Director
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