Jon’s Recruiting Experience

“Business is easy. It’s the people who make it difficult.” – Jon Dwoskin

“You need to have a collaborative hiring process.”
– Steve Jobs, Former CEO of Apple

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One of the most common frustrations among companies and business owners is finding the time to recruit and hire the right people. There are many roadblocks in the hiring process, but to name a few:

  • It takes a plethora of time
  • Companies are desperate to hire talent, but know they will likely hire the wrong person
  • Managers are not trained in the art of recruiting
  • The proper process to screen, interview and hire the right candidate has not been established

Let me take the hiring burden away and help you get the right people in the right seats. Here’s how I help:

  • I spend time reviewing resumes that come in the door
  • I connect with potential candidates to see if they fit the role and the company
  • I respond to/reject submitted resumes and those from online resources such as Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.
  • I phone screen those who look promising and determine if they should come in for a personal interview
  • I conduct the first interview with insightful, probing questions
  • I follow up as needed before handing the applicant off to the team for second and subsequent interviews
  • I keep in touch with the potential candidate throughout the process as needed

These tasks not only save you a great deal of time, but they provide an impressive increase in qualified candidates to help you grow your business!


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“Recruiting is an art. You have to be as serious about recruiting
as you are about coaching.”
– Lacey Schanz