Jon Dwoskin’s
Virtual In-House Training

15-Minute Incremental Training to Get Your Business and Team in Shape Now! 



Jon Dwoskin’s
Virtual In-House Training

15-Minute Incremental Training to Get Your Business and Team in Shape Now! 



What does consistent training do for individuals and businesses?

  • It keeps everyone moving forward to build success with new ideas, skillsets and tools to accomplish and exceed their goals
  • It increases accountability and stimulates growth
  • It keeps people always in learning mode and out of complacency

Why companies DO NOT train consistently:

  • They don’t have the internal resources
  • They see it as an expense and not an investment
  • They don’t know how to keep it fresh and engaging

Let Jon be your In-House Virtual Trainer!

Jon will customize a weekly/monthly training program for your:
Leadership team(s)Managers

All virtual trainings are available in 15minute increments.

See monthly calendar examples:
Company | Management | Sales

Jon’s Virtual In-House Training can help you inspire, influence and hold your people accountable for the future of your business.

All trainings are done LIVE by Jon, then provided to you to build own custom training library.

Contact Jon to Schedule Your Virtual In-House Training Today:

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Are you looking for tips, tools and a roadmap to find your BIG!

Jon will teach you everything you need to know to THINK BIG, LIVE BIG, LOVE BIG and Execute BIG!

You will learn Jon’s secret: How to THINK Big is doing small things every day that compound to your BIG!

Jon Dwoskin Training Coach-inar Session
Jon Dwoskin Training Coach-inar Session

The Ultimate Business Planning

Do you have a detailed, specific and measurable business plan? Most people do not! And if you do have one, when’s the last time you looked, really looked at it? All too often it sits forgotten in a drawer – but it can and should be a living document that helps grow your business day by day, week by week. In addition to the overall master plan, each department head, manager and team member needs their own business plan of precise, quantifiable and actionable goals and deadlines. In one training or a series of five, we’ll build a business plan that covers every element of every moving part of your company, transforming your dusty business plan into an essential tool that charts and steers your course – keeping everyone rowing in the same direction.

DOUBLE Your Sales – Sales Training

Many salespeople build great rapport and relationships, but are they actually ASKING for the sale? So many deals fall through the cracks by skipping this crucial last step. Not anymore! Jon teaches your sales force how to DOUBLE their sales and how to use quantitative selling techniques that are customizable for each client so they can close the sale and expand their pipelines. Jon also provides sales training from the beginning to the end of your sales continuum so your team can begin getting more meetings, getting more business and signing more contracts. Everyone comes away ready to implement the tools they use to grow their pipelines – and as your team increases their sales, you’ll grow your business and your bottom line.

Learn more about Jon’s DOUBLE Your Sales – Sales Training™

Jon Dwoskin Training Coach-inar Session
Jon Dwoskin speaking-to-university

The Ultimate Time Management Training™

Do you have any idea how much time you waste each day? How about all the minutes, hours and days your people are wasting? Put dollars to that and it’s most likely affecting the growth of your business culture, revenues and bottom line. Compound that into weeks and months and you’ll be astonished. Learn how to own, protect and control your precious time to become more energized, creative and productive. Jon’s proven methods show you exactly how you’ve been spending (and squandering) your time and how to use newfound minutes, hours and days to immediately make a difference, every single day. This is not just a philosophy – you’ll gain unique, customized tools that give you a new outlook and have your company completing additional months of work in a single year.

The Art and Magic of Managing People™

No one seems to go to school to become a “manager,” but in one way or another we all manage people. Whoever said managing is easy? You may have hired your managers because they were good at their jobs or great with people, but a shocking number of people have no idea how to actually manage, supervise or inspire others. Your people are your most important building blocks; keep them glued to you and your company by bringing out their best. Jon draws on his decades of experience to provide real-time techniques and best practices to help your managers become confident, competent leaders who influence and motivate their staff, keeping them accountable, on-track, productive and loyal. Remember, unhappy employees leave managers – not companies.

“Jon’s Own, Control and Protect Your Time seminar is a toolbox of advice ready for immediate use.”


Jon Dwoskin Training Coach-inar Session

Building your Branding and Marketing Editorial Calendar™

Most people don’t understand how to properly market their company, products and/or services. So much effort goes into building the company, but little if any time goes to internal and external marketing endeavors. Many people just assume that because they have something they perceive as “great,” others will magically know it. I can tell you right now, they don’t know anything if you don’t tell them. And the message needs to come from you, not an outside source. Together, we will build a full marketing plan to spotlight your message and bring more clients in the door.

The Power of Mindfulness™

Get connected and grounded in your soul. When that happens, you can grow the soul of your business. Learn the power of using executive time, meditation and silence to accelerate your business growth, calm your nervous system and get connected with your best self for accelerated action.

Listen to Jon’s Mindfulness Meditations

Jon Dwoskin's Meditation Training

Schedule Your Custom Virtual In-House Training Session

Follow up options are available.

Contact Jon for details and to schedule your training session: 248.535.7796

Jon Dwoskin speaking at keynote

Additional Training Topics Include:

  • THINK like a CEO™
  • Make a Decision Already…™
  • Never Stop Recruiting, Training and Retaining™
  • Leadership ReDEFINED™
  • Bring Clients in the Door via Marketing/Branding/Messaging™

Hear what attendees say after Jon’s training…

Watch live samples of Jon’s training…

“Jon’s Own, Control and Protect Your Time seminar is a toolbox of advice ready for immediate use. And more than just great time management advice, Jon shows how incremental change ripples through an organization, creating better communication between and among teams, reducing wasted time and energy.”


“I attended the FEI Hot Topic Presentation on Time Management by Jon Dwoskin. Jon shared some great tips and new ideas on how to improve our individual time management skills and how to help our teams rethink how they look at managing time. He even shared the full presentation with all of the tips, worksheets, and ideas, which will allow us to share the time savings more broadly across our teams. The content applied across all types of businesses and from the individual to the team. It was very well done and applicable to all.”


“Jon was an amazing speaker that gave us all concrete and actionable things to work on! Of the 100 attendees, nobody left the room or so much as looked at their phone for the two hours- Jon had the room’s attention from the start- not an easy thing to do with such a diverse group! We want to have Jon back again!”

Michael Todasco, Director of Innovation at PayPal

“We brought Jon to our PayPal Scottsdale and Chandler campuses to present the Being the CEO of your own domain workshop. It was non-stop information flow of valuable mindset, techniques, mindfulness, time management, ownership, etc. Well worth having him help us to become better at managing our time, taking ownership for our domain, and delivering on our commitments.”

Troy Giles, Senior Manager, Site Reliability Engineering – Auto Recovery at PayPal

“We’ve had Jon Wengrow Dwoskin come into Colliers a few times to give us some great mind opening philosophies that have really given me a new mindset how I look at things.”

Brian, 1st Vice President

“Jon’s presentation to 250 of our franchise owners and managers reignited the passion that’s deeply rooted within our core values of our company. We were very happy with the excitement around his presentation and know that our franchisees took home many ideas that they could implement into their business right away.” Andrew McCuiston, Vice President, Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC

“Working with Jon Dwoskin has been the best experience this company has had! Jon put together two programs that were geared completely to the issues and challenges that our sales and management staff deal with on a daily basis. He took the time to thoroughly research us and the needs we had and put together very thought provoking and interactive seminars. The comments afterwards from ALL the participants were extremely positive and one in particular said, “I have been to several seminars but never to one that related so much to my issues and that I could actually walk away with techniques I could use immediately!”

Paul, Executive Managing Director

“Jon has been instrumental with helping our team’s professional development skills grow. With his guidance and assistance, we have successfully hosted two leadership workshops that have greatly impacted our team’s skill set. Our primary focus was learning better communication and time management skills. Jon took our areas of concern and created a workshop that was personalized for our needs. Our management team has seen a tremendous difference within our team – We couldn’t have done it without him!”

Emily, Lead Talent Services Manager

“Insights from the Jon Dwoskin Experience have empowered me to be more productive. After just one workshop titled Own, Control and Protect Your Time, I walked away with a multitude of tools that will exponentially improve my time management skills. Best of all, they are free and easy to implement. Prior to his presentation, I often felt like my typical workday consisted of endlessly spinning my wheels. Now, I feel like I have ownership of my calendar and the skills to enhance the efficiency and energy levels of my project teams.”

Eric Younan, Senior Communications Strategist, DTE Energy

“Thank you, Jon. The sessions were instrumental in helping our team understand the importance of synergy and communication. I was impressed watching the team grow more vulnerable as we progressed through the series while improving our connectivity too.”

Kristen, Vice President

Ready to grow your business big. Very Big!

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Think Big!


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