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Get clarity and confidence to achieve rapid business growth
Growing businesses big is a sport and I am an elite trainer. I take my clients beyond their comfort zone and lead them to an explosive new edge where they get their company – and themselves – in the best mental shape to run, grow and expand their business. As a C-level executive advisor/business coach, I am the gym for the mind. I train business athletes who hunger for growth and success – indescribable, boundless amounts of growth and success.
My clients share certain common goals; goals that are best achieved by hiring an executive advisor/business coach.

  • They want to move from working ‘IN’ their business to ‘ON’ their business
  • They want someone to hold them accountable. They don’t have that certain someone to talk to. They can’t talk to their partners, their boss or their employees about stress, roadblocks or challenges. They have no one to strategize their growth with. They have no one that will give them undivided attention while supporting their best interests
  • They want to figure out their 1-2 unique abilities and delegate everything else
  • They want to go from very good to great
  • They want to go from great to exceptional
  • They want to evolve their culture
  • They want to grow their team and don’t know how
  • Their passion has become their prison and they need direction to recharge themselves and their company

None of this can or should be done alone. No software can replace me – a living, breathing, executive advisor with a proven track record and burning desire to see you succeed. Why? I am the eyes and ears of the company. I catch their blind spots and define their distractions. I hear and see what is not being seen or heard and pay close attention to what is being ignored or overlooked. . I hold my clients accountable to grow their businesses.. I will tell you the truth. I listen and I provide a space, a venue, an opportunity to talk things out, strategize, reflect and plan. I’m a backstop, sounding board, and go-to advisor for your next steps, strategies and overall growth plan. I enable the creation of a clear roadmap for you and for your company. My clients know that what got them where they are will not get them where they want to be. The secret weapon to explosive career growth is an executive advisor and business coach. If you want to grow,  invest in yourself and get out of your comfort zone. If you are serious, we will work together under the strictest of confidence. And we will succeed. The outcome, quite simply, is results. If you are ready to be the master conductor of your life and  company, let’s work together. I’m ready to grow your business big.. Very big. It all starts with an Introductory Call or Skype, where we find out:

  • What is the biggest obstacle to your business growth?
  • What keeps you up at night?
  • Are you working more ‘in’ your business or ‘on’ the growth of your business?

I meet with clients in person whenever possible! If you are not local to southeast Michigan, we can easily meet virtually. Geography isn’t going to get in the way of your business growing big. VERY BIG! Click below to set up an Introductory Call/Skype or contact me directly at to see how we can work together.

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