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On this SPECIAL HOLIDAY Edition of THINK Business Exclusives (Getting to the SOUL of Business), Jon goes in-depth with Terry Dunken, Founder and CEO at Mass Tort Institute

Listen to the soulful work Terry Dunken does everyday. His inspiring words, passion and journey will help you clarify your own path for fulfillment and success.

Terry Dunken is a serial entrepreneur and mass torts business practitioner. He is currently managing partner of the Dunken Law Firm, founder of the Mass Tort Institute, and author of Mass Tort Secrets.

As a young native Texan, Terry was an exceptional baseball and football player with professional prospects, but his entrepreneurial aspirations drove him to become a CPA instead. Despite his natural grasp on financial planning, Terry knew he could do more to help others than to crunch their numbers, and soon got his law degree from the University of Houston. He has secured favorable settlements for victims in thousands of complex and high-profile cases.

When not working tirelessly for victims of corporate malfeasance, Terry enjoys reading and traveling with his wife of 45 years. Terry is a board member of Girls With Grit, a non-profit organization promoting the rights of human trafficking victims. He recognizes that there is no limit to human tragedy and suffering, but wholeheartedly believes we can do more. That core value system inspired the Mass Tort Institute and will ensure his further success as an innovator and advocate.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.