Jon Dwoskin Featured as Guest Columnist on Denha & Associates, PLLC Blog

This month, Jon’s article, How To Grow Your Business Through Podcasting, is featured in the Denha & Associates, PLLC Blog.  


To know me is to know my love for podcasting, and it’s an essential marketing tool I just grow and grow.

“But, Jon,” some say, “how do you know it’s working? What analytics do you use to track listeners?”

Forget algorithms. I don’t care about views or downloads. I know it’s working because I am constantly attracting new clients, many as a result of the multiple podcasts I do each week.

Coming On Strong

While podcasts seemed somewhat exotic just a few years ago, they are now firmly in the mainstream. Semrush says that in 2018, 12 billion hours were spent listening; this year, that number is expected to hit 15 billion hours — and by 2024, it’s estimated there will be 100 million listeners just in the United States alone. Here’s another staggering stat: Apple lists more than 2 million podcasts, and there are somewhere around 50 million episodes.

Those kinds of daunting numbers may make you feel discouraged before you even begin. With all that content, how on earth do you break through and carve your own niche? It’s actually pretty simple: Whatever the topic, keep it real, keep it sincere and keep it…

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