Jon Dwoskin Interviewed on Master Delegator Podcast

Jon talks with Kristy Yoder, host of the Master Delegator Podcast, about proven strategies to get unstuck in business.

Episode Highlights:

0:35 Feeling stuck in your business

2:13 Explaining the common struggle of entrepreneurs in business

4:16 Why people don’t ask for help

6:01 The main thing that entrepreneurs are stuck on

7:04 Difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner

9:44 Getting stuck in operating a business

10:25 Helping inexperienced business owners

13:21 Meeting business owners that don’t want to do business operations

15:26 Lack of clarity and feeling overwhelmed

17:11 Creating space and quiet time daily as a strategy

19:06 On getting a business coach or advisor

22:29 Delegating and using a system for processes to flow

24:29 Final words of insights for the listeners