You know if you follow my tips, I am a big proponent of using video to get your message and content out there to the world. It’s something that’s relatively new; it’s something that’s underutilized even though it’s utilized a lot, and it’s called Facebook live. So, how you use it, when you’re on your iPhone and you go to publish the post as you normally would, you click on this little person with a circle around him and it takes you to Facebook Live, where you then hash tag, describe it and then go live; and then you are streaming live video. In this case, I was just at the BEA (Book Expo of America) for a book that I am doing, and this was an interview I was doing with Michael Connelly for his new book and I used Facebook Live. It was pretty cool. And I advise you to not only use it to interview other people, but to send your own messages through FB Live. Have a great day and always, Think Big!