THINK Business Podcast: Jon Dwoskin Interviews Don Miguel Ruiz Jr, CEO, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., Inc
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Focusing on the Bigger Picture

When he was only 14 years old, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. apprenticed to his father don Miguel Sr. and his grandmother, Madre Sarita, to learn how to they manifested their intent to heal people, both physically and spiritually. When he reached his mid-20’s, after 10 years of apprenticeship, his father intensified his training. This training culminated one day when don Miguel Ruiz Sr. sent his eldest son out in the world, saying, “Find your way out. Go home and master death by becoming alive.”

For the past six years, don Miguel Jr. has applied the lessons learned from his father and grandmother to define and enjoy his own personal freedom while achieving peace with all of creation. As a Nagual, Miguel Jr. is finally ready to pass along the wisdom and the tools of his family’s traditions.

Along with his father, don Miguel Ruiz Sr., and brother, don Jose Ruiz, don Miguel Jr. leads workshops, retreats and power journeys to help others to achieve their own personal freedom and optimal physical and spiritual health. He also hosts a successful weekly internet radio show, “The Way of the Desert”.

Show Notes:

In this episode, Jon and don Miguel Ruiz Jr. discuss:

  • don Miguel’s journey to find himself
  • How to manage your own energy
  • How marathons correlate in business
  • Taking time to refuel and recover


Key Takeaways:

  • Create the life you want to live
  • Life has all the right to say “no” to us
  • Crossing the threshold is exactly what life is
  • Redirect your attention and be willing to see the bigger picture


“The biggest obstacle we have in our life is life itself” – don Miguel Ruiz Jr.


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Connect with:

Twitter:  @dMiguelRuizJr
Instagram: @DonMiguelRuiz
Book: don Miguel Ruiz’s Little Book of Wisdom: The Essential Teachings


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*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.