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Kailey MacDonald, Shop Kailey And Friends
Kailey will be a sophomore at Grand Valley this fall majoring in Advertising. During this quarantine Kailey started a new business called ShopKaileyAndFriends. It’s an Instagram thrift store and expands into an e-commerce website that sells handmade tie dye sweatshirts and jewelry. This is not Kailey’s 1st experience with creating her own business. In 7th grade Kailey created Organic Body Scrubs by K that was a success for 16 months. ShopKaileyAndFriends has been an exciting and creative new experience and Kailey is looking forward to growing her new business.

Evan Krasnick, ECKO
Evan is a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan. Evan started ECKO as a high school student, where he saw an opportunity to combine his love for technology, with helping others in his community. ECKO provides local tech support to anyone in need, assisting with a wide range of tech problems and solutions including Wi-Fi, Home Security, and everyday Tech Support. He is currently focusing his college studies around the information technology field, as well as business and entrepreneurship.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.