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Jon and Michael discuss the challenges businesses face and the innovation/adaptation needed during our current times. 

Great Lakes Recycling didn’t happen overnight. Its roots date back to 1927 when Henry Rosen, like many newcomers to America, had a family to feed and knew it wasn’t going to happen by itself. Salvaging old newspaper and rags in Detroit was better than standing in a soup line. By working hard, providing dependable service to his customers and treating people right, he was able to eke out a living. In 1941 his son, Ben joined the business and at 93 he still comes in today.

Great Lakes Recycling adheres to the values that helped Rosen Family get started. By listening to our customers, addressing their concerns and offering new services to meet their needs, we expanded from paper collection to metal, plastic, electronics recycling and automotive recycling. By staying up to date on and complying with government regulations, adhering to responsible safety and environmental practices and applying “The Golden Rule“ in everything we do, our customers receive reliable service, competitive prices, timely payment and freedom from worry about liability.

As we approach our second century in business, Great Lakes Recycling is managed by the 3rd generation of the Rosen family. Ben’s children, who started at the bottom and did every job while earning their advancement to the company’s management level, are on the job every day, working with the team and always ready and willing to address the needs of customers and team members alike… and loving every minute of it.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.