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Jon talks with Doug Miller, CEO of Brightworks Group. Jon and Doug discuss Brightworks Group’s “Complete Cloud”, IT ops platform and how he has grown aggressively during COVID-19 as the demand for remote teams and tools has surged.

Doug Miller, CEO of Brightworks Group
Brightworks Group is the anti-Silicon Valley company. They’re focused on their customers – not fundraising. Doug leads a team of 5 to command a $1 million dollar ARR.

Their “Complete Cloud”, IT ops platform has grown aggressively during COVID-19 as the demand for remote teams and tools has surged.

Mr. Miller has extensive information technology operations experience in manufacturing, financial services, and health care, as well as a deep consulting background in many more industries. He is adept in roles requiring diverse skill sets that allow him to function effectively in deeply technical roles while also serving as a project manager, a business process consultant, and a leader of technical teams. Doug began his career as a system administrator and web developer and quickly moved into leadership and customer-facing roles. Much of Doug’s experience has been in startup companies where he was required to provide hands-on engineering support one moment, and then shift into leadership or pre-sales role the next.

He eventually moved into a senior technical leadership position in a large public hospital, where he was responsible for leading the Tier IV engineering function in a 24/7/365 IT environment. Doug moved from there into several years of consulting, which included managing the migration of a hospital data center from the hospital itself to a remote hosting facility while not disrupting clinical operations – a project he completed well within budget and on time. He has also recently lead a project to replace existing hospital bed-side workstations with a new, VDI-based single-sign-on system, significantly streamlining clinical workflow.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.