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Jon and Jeff talk with Terry Judge, CEO Core Solutions Groups, about Creating CASH FLOW!

Terry Judge, Founder and CEO of CORE Solutions Group, LLC:
Terry Judge is the Founder and CEO of CORE Solutions Group, LLC. He is the visionary behind the brand and oversees much of the growth and strategic business planning. Terry has an extensive entrepreneurial background with over 25 years in business ownership and is one of the early adapters of engineering-based cost segregation studies, as well as other highly specialized tax credits and incentives. He has a passion for educating people in the commercial and multi-family space on how to maximize cash flow and take full advantage of the everchanging tax code. Terry speaks nationally and has published several white papers on the magic of cost segregation. Terry has both a tax and engineering background and over the last 14 years, along with his team, have completed thousands of engagements that has yielded over a BILLION DOLLARS in NET TAX SAVINGS. Today, Terry and his firm CORE, are blessed to work with so many of the top accounting, real estate firms as well as the brand-new investor who just purchased their first multifamily investment property! Terry is a firm believer in giving back and supports several local charities in Detroit through its newly formed charitable arm, called CORECARES.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.