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Jon and Randall talk with Lindsey Walenga, the CEO of Siren, a strategic communication firm who strengthens the brands of growth stage companies and nonprofit organizations, about the importance of crisis communication during a pandemic.

A born leader and driven entrepreneur, Lindsey is the visionary force behind strategy and growth for both Siren and its clients. From co-founding the company in 2012, to evolving Siren into a strategic communication firm built on a culture of innovation, she is a consistent driver of meaningful change.

Lindsey is an expert communicator whose greatest superpower is her ability to draw potential out of people and ideas, in order to achieve results previously considered unattainable. She asks the right questions and digs deep with each client, each Siren team member, and each leader she works with in order to understand their values, uncover their potential and unleash the power of their story.

As CEO, Lindsey leads crisis communication strategy for Siren and its clients, in addition to serving as the firm’s leader. She is an advocate for clear and transparent communication, understanding that challenging times can be the most poignant in the development of your reputation.

In every area of her life Lindsey’s purpose is to drive meaningful change through brave communication. Her favorite work involves partnering with founders and CEOs, who have open minds and intense motivation, to define and communicate their truth, and strengthen their trajectory.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.