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Jon and Magie talk with Del Weston, Host of Del Weston On Film at EFC Films, Professional Television Producer, Writer and Artist, about his love of film and filmmaking along with the importance of finding your passion and putting your heart into everything you do!

Del Weston is a writer, producer, line producer, director and artist. He is the executive director and creator of the hugely successful Action On Film International Film Festivals and the AOF Megafest which has been running continuously for the last seventeen years.

He has produced, written, and directed shows for SPIKE TV – Reality Racing The Rookie Challenge, NBC Los Angeles – The AOF Channel, ESPN II – Feelin’ Good and is best known for his feature films, Split, Sunny and RayRay, The Victims and Trick.

Weston has had roles in films with Sylvester Stallone – Rocky V, Jet Li – The Master, and done stunts and fight choreography for films like Rocky V, Asylum, Trick, Reality Racing the Rookie Challenge, and many more.

Weston served as the director of photography, co-writer, and editor and post-production supervisor on the Wrangler Award-Winning Film Behind The Gate which starred Academy Award Winner Joe Pesci, Oscar De La Hoya, Gary Stevens, and Bobby Flay.

For the AOF Channel Television Series, Weston directed greats such as Kim Coates – Son’s of Anarchy, Michael Strahan – Good Morning America, Tony Gonzalez – NFL Hall of Famer, Chuck Liddel – UFC Champion, and tons of other great talents. He has worked with other great stars including David Carridine, Talia Shire, Bo Svenson, John Savage, and Michael Pare.​

In 2013, Weston launched Del Weston’s Action On Film Television Series which aired across the United States and Europe and featured indie filmmakers, writers, directors, and performers. With over 600 produced episodes, the program has been seen by millions of viewers worldwide.

Del has worked in all phases of production including line producer, on multi-million dollar projects as well as micro-budget films. He believes that the major difference between a good project and a great project is a sensitive touch between the Above the Line, Below the Line Costs as well as an intimate knowledge of Union Agreements, Contracts, Payroll, Scheduling, and an understanding of how NOT to go over budget. Benefits such as Section 181, Tax Credits, and incentives, Insurance, etc., must be taken into account before the cameras roll. And, finally, the project must be made with an eye on sales and distribution at every level. Creating and producing all necessary Deliverables at every stage of production can and does make all the difference between success and failure.​

In 2014, Weston began publishing The Top 100 Books via iTunes which includes a series of interactive books that rank the top indie Writers and Directors in the World. Much of the talented folks in the books came directly from The Action On Film Festivals and the AOF Megasfest which Weston created and launched in 2005.

The AOF Festival has grown to encompass not just Action On Film but it now includes The Icon Awards, The Legendary Stunt Awards, The Newsfest, X-World Short Festival, No Risk Fee Fest, Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival, TMIFF, Conquering Disabilities Film Festival, The Great Las Vegas Chinese Film Festival, New Cinema, and The Young Storytellers Awards. All of the events are held during our annual ten-day event which has taken place in Las Vegas for the last four years after running in Pasadena CA, for the previous eleven seasons.

In 2018 The AOF Megafest Magazine was born and the online magazine has grown with each and every issue in both size and scope. With profiles and stories on Top Indie Pros as well as folks new to the world of independent film, the magazine continues to give a voice to hundreds of creative folks from around the globe.

Currently, Del is working on a slate of independent films which began in 2016 and features a series of ten films which include, The Victims, Trick, Ole King Cole, Clutch, The Jimmy Mulidore Story, Abi’s Hands, DIE, and a few others which will be produced in 2021.

He continues to work with writers and directors to bring their visions to life as a consulting producer for a number of projects that are currently in post production.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.