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Chris Lalomia is a successful entrepreneur and change leader that has built on his experience working with the largest companies in America to start his own business from scratch. He brings his unique style to leadership to build a culture of professionalism to the blue collar world of home renovations. He left the corporate zoo and ventured into the entrepreneurial wild and started The Trusted Toolbox: Home Repair and Projects in 2008. YES, he started a business right before the Great Recession, so timing the market is not his strength. He survived through that time and has grown his business into a multimillion dollar handyman and remodeling company which has won numerous awards in Atlanta, GA.

Chris is originally from Jackson, MI, and he does use his hand to show where he lived. He went to college and earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Mechanical Engineering. His path to business ownership was similar to most people’s journey to their current position… spinning and winding… His first engineering job was at Curtiss-Wright Flight systems making airplane parts, but soon realized he needed to add some other business skills to his resume, he joined Accenture and began working with large banks to help them merge, which led him to SunTrust(now Truist) where he transformed the commercial loan operations department… That meandering path led him to make the leap into starting his own business, The Trusted Toolbox in 2008. His company is focused on processes and training to deliver home renovations and earning customers trust each day. The culture in the company is on continuous improvement and allowing the “artists” in the company to show off their talents as they are set up for success. Chris appears regularly as a guest on WSB95.5’s Home FixIt Show with Dave Baker, All Four Season Home Show, and TrustDaleTV providing advice on home projects for consumers and answering their questions.

Chris resides in Johns Creek, GA and when not working on his business, he enjoys cooking, good wine and escaping with his wife, son and daughter to their mountain getaway with his wife.

Chris Lalomia:
Entrepreneur in Home Service Industry
Author From the Zoo to the Wild: Your Guide to Entrepreneurial Freedom and Wealth
The Customer is not always right, but you need to do what is right for them.
Has been in over 12,000 homes
Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes it eats you.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.