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Janine Krupa is am a police officer in a small town in NJ. In March 2021, her life changed when her dad passed away from COVID. Janine’s dear friend came to her offered the business a few times before this happened. When her friend came to her again, Janine said, “What do I have to lose?” Then, she was doing the business and loving it. Managing the business on her days off. Janine’s world took a change for the worst in December of 2021. She got injured in the line of duty and is currently in the process of retiring from being a police officer. This business has been an amazing opportunity for Janine and her family. Not only is she helping others, but she’s also able to stay at home and be there for her children and do this in the comfort of her own home.

Janine has have moved up as a leader and has a successful team of woman under her. Every day is a new day to help women and men succeed by sharing this free opportunity with them. This opportunity has been nothing more than a gift. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and where you are at any moment should not be taken for granted. Things can change at any given time.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.