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Part 11 of Jon’s 12-part series with the Entrepreneur POWER HOUR Club at the University of Michigan.

Jon talks with Noah Jacobs and Noah Cox, Co-Founders of Noahs’ Arc Capital Management (hedge fund launched from their dorm room), Co-Founders of Ultima Insights (AI Investment research platform using GPT and SEC filings to help investors connect the dots in their portfolio.

Noah Jacobs is a senior at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business concentrating in finance and minoring in math and statistics.

As a freshman in college, he was frustrated with the over emphasis that clubs put on pre professional routes while seemingly under emphasizing actual participation in the market. So, with some friends (including Noah Cox), he co-founded Theta Capital, a Ross affiliated club with the purpose of focusing on active equities and derivatives trading in the market.

Later, Noahs’ Arc became the best way to take his interest in the markets to the next level, along with his new company he co-founded, Ultima Insights. Now, when he’s not working on Noahs’ Arc, he’s either training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, completing school work, meeting up with friends, or reading.

Noah Cox is a senior at the Ross School of Business concentrating in finance and minor in philosophy.

Noah has had a passion for the markets and has been investing since he was 12. He remembers watching gas prices at the gas station sign as his parents drove him to summer camp or school and noticed they would change frequently.

His Dad helped connect the concept to the stock market and has been intrigued ever since. At 14, Noah started trading stock options under his Dad’s brokerage account and became fascinated by how stock movements can affect option pricing. He’s taken this passion and converted it into his job through his work at Noahs’ Arc and, more recently, his new company he co-founded, Ultima Insights.

In his free time, Noah loves to swim, travel, and write.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.