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After a decade in the beauty industry working for one of the major beauty product manufactures, Pinar Akiskalioglu founded TAKK, a personal care brand which sells a stripped-back collection of beauty essentials. Pinar and her team at TAKK aim to fight landfill in plastic, beauty hype and excessive consumerism. They openly dispel the myth that you (and the planet) need no more than a few simple products and are critical of beauty marketing which makes us buy products we don’t need.

More recently, Pinar founded The Punk Business School, a new type of business education aimed at entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who want to become better, more empathetic and intuitive leaders, and who put social good over profit. She has boot-strapped both businesses, and so she would say that financial strategy is not about driving profits, it’s about keeping a business profitable so that it can serve another purpose either for society, the planet or people.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.