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Will Nitze is the Founder and CEO of IQBAR, a startup that makes delicious vegan and plant-based protein bars and hydration mixes that nourish your brain and body.

Their products sell in 8,000+ locations, including CVS and Kroger, and on all major e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, where they have earned the Amazon Choice badge.

In 2017, IQBAR had the highest-grossing food Kickstarter campaign, which brought in $70,000, and they’ve raised $10M+ to date.

Will became fascinated by the human brain and how it works while studying psychology as an undergrad at Harvard. Then, in his mid-20s, when working in the software industry, he began to have chronic cognitive problems, including daily headaches and brain fog, that he linked to his high-carb diet. He staged an amazing cognitive recovery by cutting out staples like bread and pasta from his diet.

In 2017, Will started experimenting in his apartment kitchen on a protein bar optimized for brain and body nutrition after failing to find ready-to-eat foods that matched his new diet. After countless iterations, he successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign that raised over 700% of its goal to bring IQBARs to the world.

He grew his business from zero to 1M+ a year in revenue in just 2.5 years.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.