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Daniel Erickson is the Founder and CEO of Viable, an AI analytics tool that enables businesses to instantly access and act on valuable insights from customer feedback, saving them hundreds of hours spent analyzing feedback.

They launched in 2020, and have already raised $8.9M from high-profile investors such as Craft Ventures, whose notable exits include Tesla, Bird, and Airbnb, and Javelin Venture Partners, whose portfolio includes Mythical Games and SmartAsset—both of which have recently joined the unicorn club.

As you know, many businesses collect data from a variety of sources, including help desk tickets, surveys, product reviews, internal customer notes, call transcripts, etc., and store it in various databases and formats. As a result, much of it goes unused.

Viable changes this by allowing businesses to automatically aggregate, structure, and analyze all of their data, so they can understand what their customers are telling them and use this to better serve them.

Daniel, an engineer by trade, co-founded Viable with his identical twin brother Jeff, who is a designer. They took a different path than most, skipping college entirely and starting a consulting firm in Portland straight out of high school to help early-stage companies build their very first products, create MVPs, get their first users, and/or get their first investment.

Prior to founding Viable, Daniel was VP Engineering at Eaze. Before that he spent time as CTO at Getable and also had a front-row seat to Yammer’s rapid growth during a 3-year stint as a Senior Engineer at the company.”

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.