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Jeff Maine is the founder of Pay Proudly and his mission is twofold: to provide business owners with payment clarity and to support communities through charity. Throughout his career, he saw that there was a gap in the marketplace for relational support in payment processing. Payment processing is the lifeblood of a business and Jeff and his team are passionate about educating business owners on how important having the right payment processor is for your business.

As an industry disrupter, Jeff is on a Mission to bring ‘Pay it Forward’ into the payment sector as well. Pay Proudly leverages their 25+ years industry expertise and reputation in the payment space to provide financial charity to non-profits each quarter. Pay Proudly allows the world of commerce to converge and generate financial support for great causes. It’s not marketing spin to acquire new business as Jeff can be seen living out those core values every day.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.