Jon Dwoskin Business Blog:

“Compounding is the Eighth Wonder of the World.” – Albert Einstein

It’s April 15 – not exactly anyone’s favorite day. But remember: achieving tremendous growth doesn’t have to be a taxing effort. Here are five tips to help you compound your endeavors:

  1. Look at the number of calls you made last week and double them this week.
  1. Write two handwritten notes to your clients each week.
  1. Create a top 10 new client list and call every one of them 29x before giving up.
  1. Total the number of proposals you did last month and double it these next 30 days.
  1. Make a conscious effort to increase your skillset and up your game 1% each day. That’s a 30% increase in one month!


Here are some of my favorite things this April – no foolin’:


Book of the Month

The Compound Effect

Darren Hardy shows you how decisions shape your destiny.


Podcast of the Month

HBR IdeaCast.

This weekly podcast from Harvard Business Review features leading thinkers in business and management.


Product of the Month


This is a fast, affordable tool you can use to transcribe conference calls, webinars or video/audio content.


Mindtrap Question of the Month

When asked how old she was, Suzie replied, “In two years I will be twice as old as I was five years ago.” How old is she?

Answer will be in next month’s newsletter. Can’t wait? Call or email me for the answer.


Last month’s answer:

The umpire and catcher.

(A man left home one morning. He turned right and ran straight ahead. Then he turned left. After a while, he turned left again, running faster than ever. Then he turned left once more and decided to go home. In the distance he could see two masked men waiting for him. Who were they?)


Anthony Robbins taught me if you grow 1% each day, you grow 365% every year. Compounded over time, that is tremendous growth! What better time to embrace this reality than during this season of growth? You’ll find lots more ideas and best practices on my website (link). Together, we’ll think big. Very big!




P.S. Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth – and that includes reigniting the hunger that got you to where you are today. A business coach helps you clear out those winter doldrums to get you working on your business, not just in it. Call, text or email me today and together we’ll spring forward!