5 Things to Get You in Your Flow - Jon Dwoskin Blog

For many, it’s harder today to get and stay in your flow. We must make a conscious effort on a daily basis to get — and stay — in our flow so we can be consistent and productive.

Below are five things that can help get you in your flow:

  • Spend 5 minutes every morning meditating. Start your day off getting yourself centered and grounded
  • Write down the three leading activities you need to do each day. Do what gets you paid first.
  • Be specific and measurable in everything you do. Be detailed with everything so you don’t feel lost.
  • Put time in your calendar each day to recalibrate. Put a 5-15 minute appointment in your calendar to recalibrate when moving from one task to another. A 5 minute walk outside may do the trick.
  • Have a wind down routine. Know what you need to do to wind down and end the day. You decide what it is. It could be returning every email or writing down a win from the day and one thing you are grateful for.

Commit to putting yourself first and you will find your flow much easier.