Things I’ve Learned in My 50 Years: THINK BIG! - Jon Dwoskin Blog

I’m still a work in progress and wanted to share some things I have learned and continue to learn in my 50 years.

  1. You Need Mentors. Mentors are only mentors when they are selfless and don’t want/expect anything from you. Have a minimum of three who have your back.
  2. THINK BIG! We all have the right to think big – then we have to do the work.
  3. Make Time to Mourn. Mourning people you love is painful, but important to feel and live/walk through. Give yourself time.
  4. Change or conform. You can’t do both in a great way – you must choose one.
  5. There is a lesson in everything.
  6. Assholes are Assholes. Keep your distance.
  7. You can’t get very far with a narcissist.
  8. Learn the Importance of Vulnerability and Resistance. Thank you Brené Brown for making being vulnerable cool and thank you Steven Pressfield for defining resistance.
  9. Listen to Your Mother. Be optimistic and think, like I do: My Mom was right – I’ll be great at anything I do.
  10. Be Generous. Anonymously pay for someone’s order behind you in a drive through. It feels amazing!

Share your lessons with the world. You never know who needs to hear – or read — your words and wisdom!