5 Thing’s I’ve Learned in My 50 Years: Create the Energy You Want

I’m still a work in progress and wanted to share some things I have learned and continue to learn in my 50 years.

  1. Create the energy you want. Always be responsible for the energy you bring into any room.
  2. My kids are incredible, kind human beings with huge hearts. My wife and I did an amazing job – not perfect, but amazing!
  3. I love the best of everything, but I am not defined by it.
  4. Be a helper. When you see homeless people, help them out and look them in the eye when you do. We are all 2-5 steps away from being homeless ourselves – literally and/or spiritually.
  5. Let go of the past that is holding you back. You can change the narrative

Share your lessons with the world. You never know who needs to hear – or read — your words and wisdom!

Think Big!