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Sometimes the Best Advice Comes from Your Clients

There are many voices that pervade the space between the ears of every business leader. From employees, to boards of directors, and even our own imagination can overload the auditory channels. Deciding whom to listen to can sometimes be the hardest decision a CEO has...

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How to Think Like a CEO: Do You Have a Plan?

Every business needs a plan—especially when it comes to business growth. It has been said that, “A goal without a plan is a wish.” This carries immense truth and weight. If you look at the most successful companies, one thing they share in common is a plan. They make...

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Find Your Greater Purpose and Change the World

When we sit and focus on thinking like a CEO, often times the first thing we envision is the bottom or top lines of our companies. Maybe for some, focus on the bottom line of our company has tainted our vision of why we got into the business we are in. Have you ever...

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How to Think Like a CEO: Does Your Company Have Transparency?

Surprises can be fun—for birthdays. They aren’t as fun when it comes to our businesses, however. If we plan to grow our businesses to unforeseen heights, we cannot be caught off guard. Ever. To ensure our businesses are operating without surprises, every CEO-minded...

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How to Think Like a CEO: Are You Being Held Accountable?

One of the simplest recipes for business growth involves two ingredients: a game plan and accountability. Nothing worthwhile ever comes without forethought in planning and accountability to help us meet our goals. Success needs to be shared, personally and...

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Want To Be a Leader? First Become a Servant.

Becoming a leader first means taking on the responsibility of servanthood and serving those you wish to lead.   Conversations can be such a great breeding ground for life lessons. Those life lessons also can be used in our business, since our business should be an...

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How to Think Like a CEO: What is Your Company’s Bedrock?

With the first month of 2019’s business behind us, it is time to look toward the next steps of growing our businesses. Too often we become so focused on the minutiae of the day-to-day, that we forget the big picture. In order for CEO-minded people to grow their...

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Finding a New Career After a Layoff

When news came down last week of the layoffs occurring at General Motors, reality sank in that people were losing their jobs. The questions began to swirl for those who were let go. Questions like, “What now?” Or “How do I move on?” These questions are natural, and...

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Creating a Sacred Space in Your Business

Establishing a culture in your business that fosters growth -  I am always trying to learn something—every day in fact. One of the best ways that I have found learning to happen is through conversations with people. By listening intently I can glean lessons that I can...

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How to Think Like a CEO: Are You Digging Deep?

Bringing in the new year can be both exciting and challenging. Many times, our brains will do their best to find the short cuts in our businesses and lives. We have to work hard to ensure that we do everything the right way without taking the short cut. As we embark...

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Mindset: The Bedrock of Success

How to Think Like a CEO Blog Series --- There’s a building in San Francisco called the Millennium Tower. It cost $350 million to build 10 years ago, and they sold millions worth of condos in just its first five weeks. Now it’s sinking, condo owners say their units are...

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After the Hire: Seven Tips for Training and Communicating

Many people think that once they make a hire, the hard work is done. In fact, you’re only halfway there. Now it’s time to make it stick with proper training and effective communicating for the sake of your company – and your sanity. So many companies skip this...

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Jon’s Mid-Month Think BiggER Blog Series: C-Level Thinking

“Be the CEO from the start.” - Anonymous Whether you’re already at the top or still climbing the ladder, these five tips will help you unleash your inner CEO: Your clients and your team stay because of the sense of community you inspire. Spoonfeed everything to your...

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