The tip of the day today is to open up your eyes and to maybe see something in your business that you’re missing. I want you to look at this picture for the next 15-20 seconds and I want you to write down or think, “what do you see when you see this picture?” A lot of times, people tell me that they see a bird of some type, the face of a bird, the mouth of a bird and the wing, etc., etc. This is a really good example of really taking stock of the lenses that you’re watching and seeing your business grow and the people within it, and all the different components because what this picture is, is a man’s face with a cowboy hat. If you look, my left side is white and the right side is black, so it is a man’s face and where you think the mouth is of the bird sometimes at the bottom is the chin. Now close your eyes and re-look at it and look at a man’s face with a cowboy hat. As you are walking around your business, as your perception is one thing, it can be completely another. So, have fresh eyes today in your business and moving forward, try to see what’s not being seen. Have a great day and, always Think Big!