Welcome back to Day 3 – Building your business plan for 2017. It is Wednesday. Hopefully you spent 30 to 60 minutes on reviewing the past 12 months and reviewing what went right and went what wrong. Day 2 – What do you need to stop and start doing in 2017? Today I want you to spend 30 to 60 minutes as we are building this business plan, this roadmap, this blueprint for you to grow your business, and I want you to review your metrics and how you measured up. I want you to create and update your metrics for 2017. If you can’t measure it, you can’t grow. So, I want you to really be honest with yourself. Look at your metrics, look at your conversions. How did you measure up to your business plan? Did you make excuses? Did you hit your numbers? What did you do? And I want you to adjust and build your metrics for 2017 that you are going to run yourself with to grow your business. Spend 430 to 60 minutes a day doing that. Have an amazing day, and always Think Big!