We all want to grow our business through referrals, and it takes a lot to get a prospect and a new client. So, here’s a question to ask yourselves, to really ask your clients. Would you be willing to refer a friend? If a current client isn’t willing to refer a friend, then maybe you’re not making the impact you think you are with that client. I am going to ask you to really take a second look to really add the value and create the relationship that that person is willing to refer a friend. Are you giving them the experience – the client – that they need and expect from you above and beyond. Those are a couple of things to ask yourselves. So, when you’re out in the trenches and you’re talking to your clients. Ask them, would you be willing to refer a friend? If they say yes and don’t, you have the answer. If they say yes and do, you’re on the right track. Have an amazing day and always, Think Big!