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“Control your brand, control your destiny.”
– Anonymous

Back to school, back to basics, back to branding. Your brand is what people say about you when you are not around. Here are five tips to help you grow your brand with clarity and passion:

1. Make sure you have a logo and tagline that describe what you do.

2. Ask your clients and others what they and others are saying about you so you can understand what your brand is in the marketplace. Ask one person you trust to always tell you what your internal/external brand is, and always be growing it.

3. Build your brand with valuable videos on social media and throughout your marketing.

4. Remember: you have the power to control your brand, so control it.

5. Make sure you are using social media to grow your brand, not detract from it.


September is unofficially the time to buckle down and sharpen your focus after the carefree days of summer. Add these tools to your kit:


Book of the Month
22 Immutable Laws of Branding
This book gives you the step-by-step instructions for standing out in today’s marketplace by building your product or service into a brand.


Podcast of the Month
Social Media Marketing Podcast 
Tune in to learn how to navigate the social media jungle.


Product of the Month
To-Do Cards
Be known for your follow-up skills by staying on top of tasks with these handy cards.


Mindtrap Question of the Month
How would you rearrange the letters in the words new door to make one word?
Answer will be in next month’s newsletter. Need me to spell it out? Call or email for the answer.

Last month’s answer:
Too wise you are, too wise you be; I see you are, too wise for me.
(Translate the following: Y Y U R Y Y U B I C U R Y Y 4 M E)


As acclaimed designer Walter Landor said, “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” Do you know your brand? Does the world? A business coach helps make sense of it all. Call today!


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