Jon Dwoskin Business Blog: c-Level Thinking

“Be the CEO from the start.”
– Anonymous

Whether you’re already at the top or still climbing the ladder, these five tips will help you unleash your inner CEO:

  1. Your clients and your team stay because of the sense of community you inspire.
  1. Spoonfeed everything to your clients.
  1. Ensure that your clients and your team always know that you have their backs.
  1. Always be learning, growing and studying to improve yourself and your skillset.
  1. Always be open to receiving feedback. 

The leaves may change, but best business practices never do. Check out these favorites for October:


Book of the Month
#Ask Gary Vee
Learn to navigate the new world with Gary Vaynerchuk’s unconventional, inspirational advice for getting things done and crushing it!


Podcast of the Month
The #AskGaryVee Show
Tune in as Gary Vaynerchuck answers your questions about marketing, social media and entrepreneurship.


Product of the Month
Custom M&Ms
Order some custom M&Ms for a fun way to stay in front of clients.


Mindtrap Question of the Month
King Tut died 120 years after King Eros was born. Their combined ages when they died was 100 years. King Eros died in the year 40 B.C. In what year was King Tut born?

Answer will be in next month’s newsletter. Dying to know? Call or email me for the answer.

Last month’s answer: One word.
(How would you rearrange the letters in the words new door to make one word?)


As autumn goes on, think of yourself as the CEO of your own company no matter what position you hold. You are your own boss, no matter whom you report to. Are you out of touch with that hunger and yearning that helped launch your success? A business coach helps you rediscover that passion so you can think big. Very Big!

Think Big!