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Jon, Alicia and Michael discuss marketing during the COVID-19 era and reopening period. DOBI, focused on adapting, creating value and applying creative thinking to their work for their agents, buyers and sellers.

Alicia Gewinner, Marketing Director
Why Real Estate? Stories have always framed our understanding of the world. They are embedded with power. The power to influence. To inspire. To make change imaginable. Real estate, more specifically marketing within the real estate industry, represents a ripe opportunity to tell a story about each home that is bursting to be told, to be shared, to live on forever and passed among generations.

Why DOBI? At DOBI, we celebrate our wins. We celebrate our failures. We motivate each other. We inspire one another. We place the needs of others above our own. We help each other and others. And when we do that, we find lasting fulfillment and make everlasting change.

Michael Patterson, Chief Operating Officer
Why Real Estate? It’s relationship-based and it provides a new challenge every single day.

Why DOBI? We’re a brokerage that genuinely cares about the people around us. We treat everyone like family and we work hard to create the best possible experience for our agents, their families, and their clients.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.