Jon Dwoskin's THINK NOW Blog: Stay Focused This Summer

As our economy starts sputtering back to life, this summer promises to be unlike any other. And even though we’re all chomping at the bit to get back to business, it can be tricky to maintain focus when warm, sunny days tempt us to slack.

But it’s possible to both enjoy these warm months – and keep your momentum going to grow your business.

Pour yourself a nice, cool lemonade and read how.

Create a 90-Day Plan
Determine your top three specific and measurable activities this summer. Is it increasing sales? Boosting your marketing efforts? Adding talent to your company? Trimming the budget?

Write down each activity and the necessary tasks and deadlines to achieve the goal. It’s a lot easier to keep yourself (and your team) accountable when it’s all right there in black and white.

Map Out Your Days
Summer used to mean a more relaxed calendar of half-days (or less). That probably won’t be the case this year. But if you do plan to reduce your schedule, make a point of mapping your time to stay productive. Plan on taking off at noon? Pack your morning with meaningful, constructive activities and the reward of a free afternoon will be even sweeter.

Heat Up Your Network
Who are the top 10 people you’d like to meet this summer? Make a list – and check it  twice. Assuming quarantine restrictions are eased, invite each one to connect over a face-to-face (or virtual) coffee, lunch or even a round of golf. These informal get-togethers match the season’s relaxed mood while still accomplishing your goal of expanding your contacts (and your horizons).

Go When They Go
Are you in an industry that typically takes a traditional summer break? It’s hard to forecast what will happen this summer, but keep your ear to the ground so you can schedule any time off to correspond with your clients’ breaks. That reduces the chance of them missing you – and you having to field their calls while you’re trying to enjoy your vacation.

Plan Ahead
Even in these days of Coronavirus, take some time off. In fact, after the stressful spring we’ve all endured, it’s probably more necessary than ever. But first, set a concrete plan for your return so you hit the ground running. Create a ranked to-do list and tackle one item at a time.

And do yourself a giant favor by going to bed early the night before and getting up a bit earlier than usual upon your return. You’ll feel more relaxed to conquer the day.

Manage Your Energy
Today’s market takes a lot more energy than three months ago. Do your best to hyper-focus through the day – and to take care of yourself through the process.

Stay safe and Think Big!