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Jon and Michael talk about how to inspire and manage your team(s).

Michael Berris, 37, is an experienced leader and a builder with a proven track record of helping individuals and teams perform at elite levels. Since graduating from Michigan State University in 2005, Michael quickly established himself at Quicken Loans and has worn many hats (and unique socks) over the last 15 years. He started on the mortgage banking sales floor working with clients directly before finding his stride in sales leadership. Finding the inches that are everywhere around us has been an idea that was deeply rooted in his brain early on, these inches have enabled Michael to experience the infamous credit crisis and come out stronger while also building the foundation for several successful multi-billion dollar specialized channels of business in the years after. This holds true today, where he leverages these inches while working on & in the business developing high-performance teams to unleash the power of CRM, strategy, data, and business intelligence. It is his mission to provide the technology, process, and leadership needed to drive the business into and beyond digital transformation. Outside of business, you might find him doing his side hustle of Improv theater, or snow skiing and travelling with his wife, Kate, whom he married last August.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.