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Jon and Cindi talk about everything sales!

Cindi Grace, High Ticket Sales Consultant
Cindi Grace is a sales coach for online entrepreneurs with premium offers. She learned the art of high-ticket sales by selling millions of dollars of coaching and consulting programs ranging from $5000 up to $100000 for a single program or service. She has mastered the art of premium-priced sales on both cold and warm traffic for business and lifestyle offers.

Cindi’s secret sauce to selling is her 3-step strategy that has the prospect selling themselves on the very first call. This method allows her clients to ask for thousands of dollars on the very first call without being pushy or salesy.

You can also make an extraordinary income from your offer IF you realize one thing; sales are the bottom line. No matter your genius or your talent, if there is no sale, there is no income or impact.

By helping people learn to sell easily and with integrity, they let go of limitations and accomplish their greatest dreams of fulfillment, freedom, lifestyle and contribution.

Cindi currently helps lead agencies, business coaching programs and private clients get better sales results for themselves and their clients by teaching them my 3 step sales approach.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.