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Jon talks with with Jason Epstein, CEO of CTC Talent Partners talking about helping companies build an effective and repeatable hiring process in today’s market.

Jason Epstein, CEO of CTC Talent Partners

• 8+ year’s industry experience in Talent Consulting & Recruiting including

• Conducted over 5,000 1v1 Candidate Screens and participated in over 1,000 Candidate Interviews in the following industries:
o Real Estate, Construction, Marketing/Advertising, Financial Services, Hospitality, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Restaurant/Retail

• Successfully placed 85+ Candidates from Manager to C-Suite since 2013 with a 2-year retention rate of 91%

• Since January 2018 have completed Interview Coaching Programs with 20+ Executives at 6 different organizations

• Named as one of MRI’s (Global Recruiting Firm) Rising Stars of 2014

• Co-Founder and Owner of CTC (May-2016-Present)
 o Works with team and individual company leaders to create a stronger Hiring Process
 o Created new Product/Services offerings around Candidate Identification, Candidate Attraction, and Candidate Recruiting
 o Oversee Business Development
 o Featured Project: Financial Services Company struggling with hiring and employee retention.
  Scope of Services: Mission, Vision, Values Workshop, Job Benchmarking, Go-to-Market Messaging, Creating Job Descriptions, Interview Questions, and Candidate Scoring Matrix. Candidate Recruiting and a 30 Day on-boarding program
  Results: Successfully placed two Candidates in 4- days. Company profits up 20% the first 8 months of Candidate’s employment

• Owner/COO Fusion HRC (September 2014-May 2016)

• Senior Talent Acquisition Lead – Lithko Contracting (September 2014-May2016)
 o $550 Commercial Concrete Company with 18+ locations throughout the US

• 2 years with MRI – Senior Account Executive – Globally Recognized Recruiting Agency

• Holds a Juris Doctorate from Florida State University (2009), active Member of the Florida Bar

• Holds a General Studies Degree – University of Michigan (2005)

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.