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Jon talks with Joe Heins, Managing Director of Test, Tech and Engineering with UNITED AIRLINES, about innovation, managing teams in today’s market and the overall airline industry.

Joe was born and raised in upstate New York and entered the Marine Corps upon graduation from High School. While in the Marines Joe served around the globe in various roles, most prominently as a fighter pilot, and flew the A-4 Skyhawk, F-4S Phantom II and the F/A 18 A/B/C/D. During his tour Joe served as the head of the Marine Corps Weapons and Tactics for the F/A 18. He attended the US Navy Test Pilot school, and prior to retirement, Joe served as the Chief Test Pilot for the US Navy’s strike fighter test squadron.

Joe joined United Airlines as a commercial airline pilot and flew the B737 airplane out of Chicago’s O’Hare airport. He moved to the United Flight Training Center and served as an instructor pilot and in training syllabus development. Joe joined United Test Pilot team in the Technical Operations Department, before transferring back to Flight Operations as the Senior Manager of Flight Test, Director of Strategy and Flight Test, and now serves as the Managing Director of Flight Test, Technology and Engineering for United. He is current and qualified as a Flight Test Captain on the Boeing 737,757,767,777 and 787 airplanes.

His team now focusses on new technology for airplanes, airspace and airports, as well as increasing operational efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of the airplanes.

Joe is graduate of Southern Illinois University with a BS in aviation management, and a graduate of the US Navy Engineering Test Pilot School.

Joe lives in Denver with his wife and family. He is an active volunteer for the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation and the Rocky Mountain Marines.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.