THINK Big 2-Minute Blog: Be the Trusted Advisor Your Clients Need

Covid has taken away most of the social opportunities we used to take for granted (and truth be told, sometimes dread) – the conferences and conventions, networking events, awards dinners and charitable galas where we could see and be seen.

As a result, people are feeling isolated and starved for information. This is the perfect time for you to become the consistent, trusted advisor your clients crave and need. How?

  • Call, call, call. Let your clients know you are here for them.
  • Say, “Let me share with you some of the things I am hearing.” Have a few pertinent facts at hand, such as what the experts are predicting for this quarter or what you have heard their competitors are doing. Stick to the facts and avoid gossip.
  • Ask, “What’s a problem you’re currently facing? I’d love to brainstorm some solutions.”
  • Stay in front of clients in real time with weekly 15-minute meetings. Say, “I am setting up brief weekly standing meetings with my clients to discuss strategy. How are Tuesdays at 10 a.m. for some quick catchup and information sharing? Want to try it for two weeks?”
  • Let them know, “I am here for you. Tell me how I can help.” Then, follow through! Empty promises will get you nowhere fast.

Training your clients to look to you as an ongoing resource of information and ideas in these challenging times will keep you front of mind. And staying front of mind is how you think big … Really Big.