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Jon talks with Jamie Garavaglia, Business Consultant/Online Business Manager (OBM), about documenting and digitizing your systems so you can scale your business.

After 18 years in the corporate world focusing on everything from project management and recruiting to sales and customer service, Jamie Garavaglia decided to use her skills to help business owners reclaim their time so they can focus on the big picture rather than time consuming daily operations. Her business, Jamie Garavaglia, Virtual Administrative Consultant is her newest venture, culminating her experience and channeling it into helping business owners.

Jamie works with businesses to help develop, document, and organize systems, processes and people to help organizations scale.

It’s a role she learned well at her most recent position as Regional Director of Sales and Operations (which she continues to hold) at a highly successful and growing fitness brand. She wears many hats, continue to master many skills and help manage more than 100 employees. Her job is to free up space so the owner can concentrate on growing the brand. She helps to developing SOPs, systems and processes needed to scale the organization which has grown from one to eight brick-and-mortar studios in less than five years.

No task is too large or too small for to dig into and as a result Jamie is well versed in a multitude of business areas, including recruiting, marketing, operational and employee development, client relations and customer service.

Prior to that, Jamie co-launched ERTutors.com, an online platform that matched highly skilled education professionals with students seeking specialized assistance. As Managing Partner, she was the project manager for the website development, ran the day-to-day operations and handled sales and marketing.

Jamie thrives on personal connection and creating this with her clients is essential to a long-lasting relationship.

*E – explicit language may be used in this podcast.